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Top 20 PS3 Developers

Top 20 PS3 Developers

The quality of your games is just the start – the value you bring to PS3, how you push the platform, how you operate with DLC/online passes all matters too. Drawing from this criteria, plus Play’s expertise, leaves us here: the best 20 developers on PS3.

Developer Name: Ubisoft Montreal
Where They’re Based: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Biggest Hits: Assassin’s Creed 2 (89%), Assasin’s Creed: Brotherhood (91%), Prince Of Persia Trilogy (88%)

A studio the size of a small country, Ubisoft Montreal’s strategy to Make All The Games does sometimes backfire. Nevertheless, the company has made some of the most beautiful, involving and interesting games on PS3 through the Assassin’s Creed series and its commitment to pushing the console’s capabilities is something that always makes us happy. Bonus points for not being the most piss-take company when it comes to DLC and online passes, too.



Developer Name: Volition, Inc
Where They’re Based: Champaign, Illinois, US
Biggest Hits: Saints Row: The Third (88%), Red Faction: Guerrilla (80%)

It would never win awards for technical merit – outside of Red Faction’s destruction mechanic – but Volition has a place in every gamer’s heart by virtue of making fun games. A general lack of pretension coupled with a nose for knowing what makes people laugh, for knowing what brings them back to play more, makes for a studio that has earned our respect and – dare we say it – admiration.



Developer Name: Criterion Games
Where They’re Based: Guildford, Surrey, UK
Biggest Hits: Burnout Paradise (74%), Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (91%)

Burnout Paradise is a game that has blossomed in the years since its release, laying down a path that should still be followed when it comes to impressive (and fair) DLC releases. Beyond that, Criterion keeps the British flag flying high with its commitment to bringing consistently high-quality racing games to PS3, reviving the flagging Need For Speed series and showing us, through Autolog, the company understands online play.



Developer Name: Quantic Dream
Where They’re Based: Paris, France
Biggest Hits: Heavy Rain (94%)

Some dismissed Heavy Rain as a shaving simulator and others laughed at the fact the company’s boss, David Cage, dared to share his ambition with the world. Us? We remain pretty enamoured with Quantic Dream – a studio that produces high quality, unique games and doesn’t follow trends. You’re unlikely to see bald space marines in its next game, it’s safe to say, and the technology backing it up will push the PS3 even harder the Heavy Rain did.



Developer Name: Media Molecule
Where They’re Based: Guildford, Surrey, UK
Biggest Hits: LittleBigPlanet (94%), LittleBigPlanet 2 (96%)

Without Media Molecule the PS3 landscape would be very different – Sony’s entire outlook on user-created content, possibly even indie games, might be completely at odds with how it is now. And all because this British developer made games with a cute little hessian chap on the front and dared to let players make their own content for them. Play, Create, Share may be a marketing term, but it’s one we like.



Developer Name: Infinity Ward
Where They’re Based: Encino, California, US
Biggest Hits: Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (94%), Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (88%)

This position may shock people, but we have our reasons. There’s no doubting the quality the studio brings to the table, and the work it’s done for the world of online gaming is invaluable. But there are issues stopping the company from placing higher – dodgy, unfixed online on its games, tech that doesn’t take full advantage of a system and some insanely-priced DLC. Infinity Ward is still brilliant, of course.



Developer Name: Platinum Games
Where They’re Based: Osaka, Japan
Biggest Hits: Bayonetta (93%), Vanquish (93%)

Going purely on quality of games, Platinum would be up there with the best of the best. A lack of releases and the fact its games just don’t appeal to everyone – even if we claim they should – holds it back. But this is still a position to be proud of, and Platinum has earned its place in gaming history by ruining all third-person action brawlers by making Bayonetta. It’s. Just. Better.



Developer Name: Eidos Montreal
Where They’re Based: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Biggest Hits: Deus Ex: Human Revolution (91%)

Time will tell if Eidos Montreal ends up being a one-hit wonder or if it can keep up the high quality established with Human Revolution. For now though, we can judge it on what it is: a developer that has taken a series and made it its own; created a stupendously beautiful world; surprised near everyone with the sheer quality produced; and ignored the duller conventions of mainstream gaming on PS3.



Developer Name: FROM Software
Where They’re Based: Tokyo, Japan
Biggest Hits: Demon’s Souls (92%), Dark Souls (90%), 3D Dot Game Heroes (87%)

Sheer bloody mindedness has worked on both sides here – the development of games those in charge of the studio wanted to play, along with the fact it is exactly what you as a player will need to progress in the studio’s two most famous releases. As well as the quality produced, FROM has brought about a minor revolution in online play, steering things away from standard deathmatches and their ilk into a less-committal, freer-flowing world or multiplayer.



Developer Name: Bethesda Softworks
Where They’re Based: Rockville, Maryland, US
Biggest Hits: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (93%), Fallout 3 (97%)

Creating and aiding the development of some of the finest western RPGs ever seen on any gaming device. That’s why we like Bethesda. It’s simple, really. The studio’s ability to create immersive, atmospheric worlds, to remind us single-player isn’t dead and to force us to lose hundreds of hours of our lives to its creations – that’s real talent. It’s just a shame we never seem to see the end of those damn bugs.

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