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Top 13 games we’re desperate to know more about

Top 13 games we’re desperate to know more about

We’re an impatient bunch here at Play. Not content with the imminent release of Uncharted 2, Assassin’s Creed II and Modern Warfare 2 and then early 2010’s bumper crop of Heavy Rain, God Of War III, Red Dead Redemption, BioShock 2 and Gran Turismo 5 to name but five, here is Play’s mystery games most-wanted list: the games that have and have not yet been announced (but probably will be) that we’re just dying to learn more about.

agent 2

Rockstar North
ETA: 2011
Information about Rockstar’s PS3 exclusive is about as elusive as a cold war spy that may or may not play a starring role in the game. All we know is that this game is set in the Cold War-era Seventies. And that’s it. Still we can speculate. An open-world game? This would surprise us as it would limit you from any globe-hopping – a Seventies spy thriller would surely be set in the US, the Soviet Union, London, East Berlin… and many other locations synonymous with the era. Maybe it’ll be like Hitman where you play different missions in different cities. But maybe not. Whatever, expect news on this soon.

The Outsider
ETA: 2011
A political thriller? From the man who created Elite? Yes, please. The Outsider intrigues potentially as much as its plot. It’s ambitious, open-ended and Frontier has been recruiting for the project for nigh on four years now. Which suggests that it won’t be ready for some time now.

id Software
ETA: 2010
For anyone suffering from Fallout 3 withdrawal Rage could be the game for you. Featuring some of the best graphics anywhere, Rage combines first-person shooting with racing in a post-apocalyptic setting. Maybe it’s more Mad Max than Fallout 3, though. All we’ve had from id so far is a handful of screens and a few morsels of info. Can’t wait to see more…

Twisted Metal
Eat, Sleep, Play (unconfirmed)
ETA: 2010
David Jaffe’s company Eat, Sleep, Play has been hinting that a sequel in the Twisted Metal series is just around the corner. So much so that the above teaser image, which we assume is related in some way, was released as long ago as 2007. Jaffe said in Feb 2008, “…we have a three-game contract with Sony. Those games are PlayStation 3. We have started development on the first of those three games a couple of weeks ago. Realistically, that game will see the light of day at the end of 2009, maybe a little later or sooner, we’ll see how things go.”

If that ‘first game’ is Twisted Metal then it’s more likely that it’ll be officially announced at E3 next year in time for a Christmas 2010 release. Just tell us David!

Deus Ex 3
ETA: 2010
The first Deus Ex was a watershed in gaming. It pretty much laid down the template for every modern (western) RPG and FPS with RPG elements. It was intelligent, multi-pathed had great character development and a fascinating story. Looking though back it seems quite basic so we’re fascinated to see what modern technology can bring to the Deus Ex universe. The only downer is that the orginal’s (and sequel’s) creator Warren Spector isn’t involved. Go on Eidos, give the man a job.

LA Noir
ETA: 2010
Now here’s a game that we’ve not heard anything on since its announcement and trailer reveal back in 2004. That’s five years of development by Rockstar’s Australian arm and not a word. Still, Rockstar’s not the kind of company to release a game unless it’s up to scratch so we’re assuming that LA Noir is going to be awesome. All we know is that it’s an open-world city game set in a James Ellroy-inspired universe. That’s enough to get us excited, we’re only hoping that you’re forced to play it in noir-ish black and white.


I Am Alive
ETA: 2010
There was a big announcement and then… nothing. Ubisoft has gone all quiet on its action/adventure game set  during a major disaster. The premise is simple: you’re caught in the middle of a disaster and the object of the games is to survive but that’s all we know. Ubisoft’s website features a trailer… which doesn’t really explain much. Check it out.

Starbreeze (unconfirmed)
ETA: 2011
This one so much a rumour, we’re actually a bit embarrassed to include it. We do know that Starbreeze is working on a secret project for EA call Redlime but that’s it. Wishful thinking is that it’s a remake of Syndicate in the style of Riddick and The Darkness – think Blade Runner but dark. Really, really dark. That would be AMAZING.

The Last Guardian
Team Ico
ETA: 2010
In our opinion the best-looking game ever is also potentially the best game ever full stop. From the creators of Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus, The Last Guardian appears to tell the story of a boy and his friendship with what is possibly a baby Colossus, possibly the last of its kind. It also looks like it’s set in an open-environment (like Shadow) of an unprecidented size, scale and complexity. Team Ico, put us out off our misery.

Beyond Good & Evil 2
ETA: 2010
If rumours are to be believed then Michel Ancel has been working on this sequel for over four years now but in spite of some blatant hints by the company (some officially released video footage featuring the first game’s Pey’j and some not-so-official ‘leaked footage’), Ubisoft’s PR team refuses to confirm or deny its existence. We’re expecting an announcement real soon.

Half-Life 2: Episode Three
ETA: Your guess is as good as ours
Making us wait this long for the cliffhanger at the end of Episode Two to be resolved is just mean, Valve. We know that you want everything to do with the Half-Life universe to be perfect but please, just let us know when we can expect to find out what happens to Alyx, Dog and Gordon. And then show us Half-Life 3. Yeah, we don’t want much, do we?

Fallout: New Vegas
ETA: 2011
The credentials of US developer of Obsidian are beyond doubt – it did a sterling job on the KOTOR sequel on Xbox and it’s latest foray into world of RPGs – spy thriller Alpha Protocol – is attracting plenty of praise from all quarters. Add to that the fact that we’re massive fans of the Fallout franchise and this quote from Bethesda’s Peter Sandill has got us damn excited, “We had really thought that browns and greys were crucial to capturing the very essence of a post-apocalyptic landscape, but after reading  many complaints in Kotaku forums about the limited color palette of Fallout 3, we have realized that we were dead ****ing wrong…

“We’re going to add tons of rainbows, frolicking puppies, playful kittens, and cuddly bunnies to New Vegas. Maybe some majestic unicorns. We will also change the colours of weapons and accessories. Power armor, for example, will now be exclusive mauve. That should really push the colour palette to broader horizons and strengthen the impression of total nuclear Armageddon.” and pretty as hyped about this as a big sweaty hypey thing.”

TimeSplitters 4
Crytek UK (unconfirmed)
ETA: 2011
We’re assuming (hoping) that Crytek bought the rights to TimeSplitters when it acquired Free Radical Design post-Haze and that this, along with any work its doing on the CryEngine 2-powered Crysis 2, is what the UK developer is working on right now. In fact, just imagine it – a CryEngine 2-powered TimeSplitters would be… kind of missing the point: TimeSplitters was never about the graphics but about the insanely fun multiplayer game. Fingers crossed, eh?

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    I share your impatience.

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    don’t know why but i can’t wait for i am alive.

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    I would love a new Twisted Metal for PS3…all of these other titles have yet to prove their hype-worth