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Top 10 under-boobs in games

Top 10 under-boobs in games

Check out the Top 10 side-boobs in games here.

Super Street Fighter IV
Juri’s under-boob might not be super compared to some of the under-boobs on display elsewhere in this list, but I put her in because I felt bad about leaving her out of the side-boobs yesterday.

Mass Effect 2
Yesterday, BioWare was crowned King Of The Side-Boob, but today can only manage ninth place in the under-boob stakes. Jack’s shaven head and tattooed body might not to be everyone’s taste, but we all like a bit of under-boob anyway though, right?

Gladiator Begins
This PSP-exclusive gladiatorial beat-‘em-up caused a stir at the Tokyo Game Show last year when the under-boob of a booth babe representing the game was banned by show organisers. This isn’t so much a garment that purposely exposes it as a garment that’s simply five sizes too small.

Arc Rise Fantasia
More underboob controversy from Japan. When it was first announced, this Wii-exclusive RPG featured an under-boob-tastic character called Lesley. But the Japanese age ratings board told the publisher that if it wanted a ‘suitable-for-all’ rating for the game, it would have to lose the under-boob, so it never appeared in the final game.

Blazblue: Continuum Shift
Most squirrels don’t really have under-boob, not even those red ones. But Makoto is no ordinary squirrel. She’s a sexy, ass-kicking squirrel. For some reason that entitles her to under-boobage. Not to mention panty-showage.

No More Heroes 2
Fighting an American football star piloting a giant mechanoid version of himself is cool, but this is No More Heroes so the idea isn’t complete without a serving of boobage. Enter the cheerleaders and row upon row upon row of perfectly curved under-boobs.

Dead Or Alive Paradise
Some people thought I was crazy leaving Dead Or Alive out of the side-boob rundown yesterday, but I honestly wasn’t feeling the side from gaming’ most meticulously rendered boobs. Under-boobs were not hard to come by, which is a relief.

Soul Calibur III – Seong Mi-Na
Like Street Fighter’s Juri, Seong Mi-Na is Korean. Does this mean under-boobage is a Korean thing. No, it doesn’t. It means it’s a beat-‘em-up thing, and no beat-‘em-up does under-boobs like Soul Calibur, especially Soul Calibur III for some reason.

Soul Calibur III – Tira
See? Soul Calibur III just loves them under-boobies. Tira is an assassin and she’s evil and crazy and fights with a big ring and blah, blah, blah… but who cares? Look – under-boobs!

Soul Calibur IV – Ivy
You might be thinking I made a mistake. You might be thinking this is a picture of Shura, not Ivy. You’re not looking properly. Unlike some of the other girls, Ivy kept her underboobs (but not much else) to herself in Soul Calibur III, but by the time Soul Calibur IV rolled up they were about the last part of her we hadn’t seen (apart from the forbidden parts, of course), so out they came. And there was much rejoicing.

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