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Top 10 side-boobs in games

Top 10 side-boobs in games

Enjoy Your Massage
As you’re about to discover, receiving a massage is the second most popular way for female game characters to flash a bit of side-boob (totally impractical clothing being the most popular). But only one game has had the courage to make this into its sole selling point. Shov… I mean, Wiiare massage simulator Enjoy Your Massage.

Final Fantasy XIII
Another classic recipe for side-boob – place one female character in a situation where she absolutely has to be naked for some reason then rotate the camera around her, cutting to a different shot just as a nipple is about to, y’know, appear on the horizon.

No More Heroes
Massage again, and here’s one of many appearances from Silvia Christel’s right side-boob. She’s pretty much always on the phone whenever she shows side-boob, which gives the director of the scene the perfect excuse to put her arm in the way of any nipple that our innocent eyes might otherwise be exposed to.

Agarest: Generations Of War
What’s this? Another massage? Yes… oh yes. This time from the granny-shagging Japanese RPG, Agarest: Generations Of War. I think maybe you have to choose one of these two to be your wife, or something. Always pick the side-boober.

Soul Calibur IV
Soul Calibur has side-boob, under-boob, over-boob and just plain boob is glorious abundance. And ass. Here’s Shura, who is something of a side-boob specialist.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
If you ever thought Momiji carried a bow to protect herself, you were wrong. Here’s the real reason – side-boobage. Oddly, this is the only Team Ninja game in this list. I couldn’t find any good side-boob in any Dead Or Alive game. Weird, huh?

Announced ages ago and pretty much unheard of since, this fantasy hack and slasher knows how to dress its female protagonist for maximum side-boobiness. Someone’s been playing BioWare games and taking note.

King Of Fighters series
SNK might not be the King Of Side-Boobs, but it comes very close with Mai Shiranui and her legendary tit-flanks. Let’s call SNK the Queen Of Side-Boobs. Very popular character with cosplayers, this one. Which is nice.

Dragon Age: Origins
After the success of Liara’s blue, alien side-boob in Mass Effect, there was only one way for BioWare to keep its games “maturing with the times” – more side-boobs. Morrigan, and her “sophisticated” side-boobs, has become synonymous with side-boobage in the dirty, dirty minds of gamers.

Mass Effect
Yes, it’s BioWare that reigns as the King Of Side-Boob, managing to take both the #1 and #2 spots in this list. This is perhaps the most famous and controversial side-boob shot of all gaming time, and all because Fox News inexplicably labelled it “full nudity”. Very silly, but perhaps no sillier than BioWare labelling it “sophisticated” and “mature”.

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