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Top 10 inappropriate outfits

Top 10 inappropriate outfits

Midori’s Puffball outfit
Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock
It’s just too much Midori, okay? I know you’re quirky and Japanese and stuff, but the puffballs are just ridiculous. And not at all rock ‘n’ roll.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots
Okay, so the cyber-ninja thing is kinda cool, but heel? High heels? What is he, trying to accentuate his calves?

Street Fighter series
A game that lets you kick the crap out of a schoolgirl is bad enough, but a schoolgirl who specialises in high kicks in a short skirt? Tsk!

Devil May Cry 4
Where do I start? This is not the garb of a woman hunting demons, this is slutty clubbing gear. As for the flesh coloured knickers… so inappropriate.

Soul Calibur IV
If I was going to a high class private sex dungeon then this is what I would expect, but a fight? She’s just asking for a wedgy.

Berserker Dressphere
Final Fantasy X-2
Berserkers are supposed to be rabid, bloodthirsty killers, not cute little teddy-girls that look like something out of a furry’s wet dream.

Samanosuke’s panda suit
Onimusha: Warlords
The genius of the panda suit – surely one of the greatest unlockables in all gaming history – is that it is exactly the least appropriate thing he could possibly be wearing. Perfect.

CJ’s Gimp suit
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
When CJ enters Millie’s dungeon, the gimp suit looks appropriate, but when he’s roaming the streets of Las Venturas… not so much.

Soul Calibur IV
Only one game has outfits outrageous enough to warrant two entries in this list, and that’s Soul Calibur IV. Just look at the picture – need I say more.

Sackboy’s green swimsuit
What were they thinking?! This outfit is so inappropriate I couldn’t even bring myself to post an image of it, but the image I have used should give you some idea, if you haven’t already seen it for yourself. All that innocence… lost.

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  • Peter Bradley

    more naked girls.
    and make them underwater so i can swim over them cause i’m a sad fish.

  • Marcus

    lol agreed at Sackboy’s bathing suit… what the hell were they thinking? But not sure about raiden’s though…

  • Tea

    I actually love the confliction Midori had between her sweet and cute and quirky attire and the fact that she plays Rock n Roll. Its super cute and original but hey i guess not for everyone. To each his own.

  • IcemanisCooler

    The point iiiis?