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Top 10 hottest redheads in games

Top 10 hottest redheads in games

Zone Of The Enders
Sometimes (a lot of the time actually) it’s not really about the hair.

Tyris Flare
Golden Axe
The original Tyris Flare was not a redhead. Weird given that her name kinda implies a fiery disposition, which everyone knows goes hand-in-hand with redheadedness. See also – Red Sonja.

Well, if you’re going to be enslaved by someone, it could be a lot worse than a hot young redhead with a big hole in the ass of her pants…

Oerba Dia Vanille
Final Fantasy XIII
It doesn’t matter how old a female Final Fantasy character actually is, Square’s designers will still ensure she looks like a hot nineteen year-old. Genius.

Soul Calibur
Lacy, thigh-high stockings and massive boots… I feel faint.

Joanna Dark
Perfect Dark
Rare’s switch from Nintendo to Microsoft was the best thing to ever happen to gamers who’re into redheads. An Xbox fanboy once told me Rare used precise scientific calculations to make Joanna Dark into an objectively perfect woman. This is clearly nonsense but still… hubba hubba!

Heavenly Sword
Heavenly Sword’s heavenly heroine has to rank highly here because she has more red hair than any other game character. Plus she has less covering her bottom than… well, most other game characters.

Candy Cane
Rumble Roses
The ‘schoolgirl’ look is another one popular among female game characters, but of course Candy Cane is too old for school. It’s just a… ahem… fashion statement. She’d get expelled for wearing that to double biology.

Dead Or Alive
Every now and again I make a top ten list without everyone’s favourite ginger ninja in it, and find myself wracked with guilt and regret for days afterwards. Not this time though.

Street Fighter
Seriously, when I first saw this guy, I felt an electricity between us.

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  • Sean

    Awww no! It was going so well up until no. 1 lol XD

  • Dave Moore


  • Tom ‘Robinz26’

    Haha! Blanka, the sexy beast!

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  • That Guy

    According to the games, Candy Cane is 18 years old. That’s definitely not too old for school. And I agree with Sean, this list was going so well until we reached #1. What the hell is wrong with you, Gavin? That #1 spot should be occupied by Dino Crisis’ Regina.

  • MJ

    Hey now. I’m a redhead and I may be pale but I’m not more freckly than the average joe, I’m also hot.

  • No

    Blanka is definitely the hottest. I love him…and I’m a guy too. Btw Sean, be quiet.