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Top 10 hottest blondes in games

Top 10 hottest blondes in games

Find our top ten hottest redheads in games here.

Elena Fisher
Elena is one of few ladies on this top 10 who dresses with a reasonable degree of modesty (probably why she’s only at #10), but she made the cut because she has a ‘girl next door’ quality. I can imagine settling down permanently with her and her lovely blonde hair.

Casey Lynch
Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock
Neversoft’s idea of the ultimate rock chick – and mine too. Why is it when you go to real rock shows and clubs the only girls wearing corsets are fat Goths?

Eva McKenna
Red Alert 3
A controversial choice, some of my colleagues argued that Eva shouldn’t be included because she is not made of computer graphics, but my argument is that this is how she appears in-game so she counts. Mmm… legs.

Noel Vermillion
When I first set eyes on Noel, I wasn’t that impressed, partly because her name automatically made me think of Noel Edmonds and his tidy beard. But then I saw this pic and felt a continuum shift… in my pants!

Ninja Gaiden
No developer in the world knows how to render women with big bouncy boobies quite like Tecmo’s Team Ninja, and that’s why they’ve managed two entries in this list. Those Vigoorian chucks, huh? Wow!

Final Fantasy X-2
I’ve got a bit of a thing about Rikku. I especially like her Berserker outfit. Does that make me a furry?

When it made X-Blades, Russian developer Gaijin Entertainment looked East for inspiration. Those guys saw the sexy anime ladies of Dead Or Alive, Soul Calibur and Ninja Gaiden and thought, “How can we top that?” The answer was simple – make the bikini so small that if it were any smaller it wouldn’t exist. Genius.

Tina Armstrong
Dead Or Alive
There’s nothing subtle about Tina Armstrong. She’s blonde, she’s got big cha-chas, she’s arrogant, she’s a wrestler, she only wears tight, skimpy clothes. Good job too, otherwise I might not have realised I was supposed to find her attractive.

Nina Williams
One of gaming’s classic blondes, Nina Williams was sexy even back when her hair was made out of about eight polygons. And she always has a bikini on under her catsuit in case an opportunity to sunbathe should arise. She’s resourceful like that.

Street Fighter
The undisputed queen of all gaming blondes, Cammy’s attraction lies less in her platted hair and more in just how extraordinarily high the leg is on that leotard. Cheeky!

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  • Sam

    Meh I’m still going with elana!

  • Tom Ato

    What about Princess Ashelia from Final Fantasy XII?

  • You forgot Eva from Parasite Eve

  • lDEFYl

    I’ll agree with Cammy being #1 for sure…no one can deny how good it is to watch her cannon strike you to death in SSFIV 😉

  • gelo

    I believe that Nina Williams should be the number 1 blonde.