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Top 10 gaming T-shirts

Top 10 gaming T-shirts

Official game merchandise T-shirts are rarely cool, but game T-shirts that aren’t obviously game T-shirts – they reign supreme. Here are ten of my favourites, none of which I actually own because I only wear official game merchandise T-shirts because I get them for free and I’m not cool.


Available from NerdyShirts.com

Like all good game T-shirts, this one allows gamers to communicate secretly with each other. It’s like a knowing wink made of cotton.


All your oil
Available from Jinx.com

Ooh! Bit of politics there. Whether you’re a game geek who wants to expose the truth behind US foreign policy or a game geek who thinks the US is jolly well entitled to everybody else’s oil, this shirt works both ways.


Silent But Deadly
Available from Jinx.com

This is a very juvenile fart joke at the expense of Assassin’s Creed so I think it’s funny. Can you believe they do a skinny girl’s fit of this one? I didn’t think girls like farts.


Super Neo
Available from MeatBun.us

A great T-shirt for anyone who misses the days when consoles and console games had names that left you in no doubt as to how god damn exciting they were.


8-Bit X-Ray
Available from Jinx.com

It’s like that T-shirt from Spinal Tap only for retro gamers. The heart you’ve no doubt seen, but notice also the joystick base at the bottom of the spine. Nice.


8-Bit Dynamic Life
Available from ThinkGeek.com

True geeks not only have gaming references on their T-shirts, but electronics in them. The shirts in this his ‘n’ hers set can sense when they’re close to each other and their life bars will fill accordingly.


Jesus Saves…
Available from TeeShirtsRock.com

We’ve had politics, now it’s time for religion. Jesus is all things, so he must be a gamer and so he must save after each level, for he is wise.


Available from Jinx.com

This is just a great piece of art, illustrating wordlessly how stupid dual-wielded shotguns in Call Of Duty truly are.


Sesame Street Fighter
Available from Jinx.com

I love a good wordplay and this is a good wordplay – as well as a brilliant illustration – so I love it. Someone should make this game.


Never Mind The Blocks
No longer available from WearOfTheRodent.com

Sadly, the site that made this shirt seems to have disappeared off the face of the internet. A real shame because this is a brilliantly understated shirt featuring a pun anyone would surely be proud of.

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  • Bestie

    A nice varied selection there. Have you tried Insert Coin though? Their designs are darn cool and you get free delivery too – recommended.

  • Scarlet

    LIES! I cant find the Assassins Creed shirt in female sizes 🙁 I need it, dammit!
    I love this list though, it’s so great 🙂