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Top 10 funniest games of the last year


The last 12 months has been a funny time for games. So funny that it proved easy coming up with 10 funny titles for this list, although I had to leave out quite a few games that, while amusing, didn’t tickle my funny bone that hard. Anyway, here they are…

Platinum Games’ hack ‘n’ slash ‘n’ spank masterpiece is loaded with outrageous, surreal slapstick violence as well as sly references to numerous Sega and Capcom games. Play it with someone who knows nothing about games watching you and laugh at their reaction.

ModNation Racers
ModNation Racers is full of tittersome cut-scenes and chuckle-tastic commentary, but the biggest laughs to be had usually come from the crazy stuff other players have created, or even your own creations. I made Compo out of Last Of The Summer Wine and didn’t stop laughing for about 15 seconds.

Mini Ninjas
This cartoony action-adventure from the creators of Hitman and Kane & Lynch surprised us with its quirky humour from start to finish. If we had to choose a highlight, it would have to be the boss battle against the flatulent giant samurai. Yeah, farting is the height of comedy.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Probably the sharpest, wittiest and best-delivered script ever heard in a game, Uncharted 2 manages to be funny without resorting to slapstick, crudity or lazy references. It’s just damn funny in its own right. Best joke: There’s a guy below you! There’s a guy below you!

The EyePet is a charming, funny character in its own right, but when you start abusing its innocence it gets hilarious. You can teach it to swear, make it play tennis with a robot shaped like a willy, have it drive around on a car shaped like… er… a willy or fly into the clouds aboard a plane in the shape of a… well… a willy, I suppose.

Dead To Rights Retribution
You can kill a man by biting his balls off. It’s not the only funny thing about Dead To Rights: Retribution, but it does stand out as a beacon for the kind of humour we’re dealing with here. As a whole, Dead To Rights: Retribution is a violent, absurd, clichéd game that we think, and sincerely hope, is wholly taking the piss out of itself.

3D Dot Game Heroes
Here’s a game that’s essentially built around a single visual joke, but fortunately it’s a very funny, very versatile joke. The character creator alone can provide near-endless amusement, but 3D Dot Game Heroes is also packed with humorous references to the games it half-parodies, half pays tribute to.

Fairytale Fights
It’s a not a very good game, by any stretch of the imagination, but in small doses Fairytale Fights can be a hysterically funny one. Seeing Sleeping Beauty skidding around in huge puddles of blood is a hoot that only really gets tired because the game sucks. Plus you get to kill fat children (with fat skeletons) using sharpened lollipops.

Brütal Legend
Tim Schafer is the funniest man in the videogames industry and has been for a long time. This is a fact, and one borne out by Brütal Legend, a game that deftly extracts the humour of heavy metal music and culture without ever mocking or deriding it. And to those who disagree we say, “Silence, ground walker!”

Just Cause 2
It’s not the script that’s funny in Just Cause 2 – hell no, the script is mostly terrible – in fact, there are very few moments of deliberately choreographed humour in it at all (“I hate ninjas!” being a notable exception). No, the reason Just Cause 2 has made me laugh harder than any other game of the last 12 months is the violent and unpredictable slapstick that just naturally occurs again and again and again. I was being chased by soldiers on motorcycles last night… and they kept driving into lampposts… and it was so… so funny… that I… oh, you probably had to be there…

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  • hazy

    Severe lack of Persona 4 here. The game had some genuine ‘laugh out loud’ moments.

  • tamarei

    what about no more heroes 2: desperate struggle? that was some weird ass humour right there, and it entertained! can’t believe it didn’t make it…

  • Matt

    Uncharted funniest quote is wrong, think about it.

  • Ian Dransfield

    Thought about it. Seems right to me.