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Top 10 anti-stealth games

Top 10 anti-stealth games

I’ve got to be honest with you, I don’t really like stealth games. All that sneaking around and being patient really isn’t for me, but I don’t want to sit here harping on about why I don’t like stealth. I think it’d be more fun instead to celebrate some of my favourite games that actively discourage caution and reward balls-out aggression. So, in reverse order, here they are…


Earth Defence Force 2017

With more than 150 weapons of mass alien destruction at your disposal and not a single silenced pistol, tazer or dart gun among them, EDF 2017 is perhaps the ultimate anti-stealth game. It would have got much higher up this chart if it didn’t kinda suck.


The Club

Bizarre Creations’ score attack shooter is proof that aggression doesn’t automatically have to mean a lack of skill or finesse. Hesitation will lose you marks here, but so will poor accuracy and inefficiency. It’s a game that rewards skill, strategy, planning and a quick pace.


Serious Sam

Serious Sam’s huge hordes of enemies and wide-open environments ensure that there’s nowhere to hide and that the only form of defence is relentless attack. Serious Sam’s namesake, Mr Fisher, wouldn’t last two seconds in this world.



Where stealth games reward you for quietly and subtly dispatching your foes, Bayonetta is the exact opposite. The more noise you make, the more spectacle you cause and the more totally unnecessary violence you inflict, the better. Ah, how refreshing.



This collaboration between People Can Fly and Epic Games isn’t out yet, but we’re already confident it’s going to stand proud among the anti-stealth ranks with it over-the-top style and more-excessive-the-better scoring system.


Killzone 2

Killzone 2 does encourage a thoughtful, tactical style of play but never rewards caution or sneaking about. In fact, thanks to the aggression of the Helghast AI, a cautious approach is usually punished by an overwhelming enemy charge. In Killzone 2, you have to dictate the pace and flow of the battle with efficient, strategic aggression.


Viewtiful Joe

Managing to be a throwback and an innovator at the same time, Viewtiful Joe is one of the most frantic, ridiculous, excessive and therefore anti-stealthy games ever made. It’s all about traditional, high-pace gaming skills, not hiding and waiting.


TimeSplitters 2

Okay, so TimeSplitters 2 does have a silenced pistol and a few stealth-ish sections, but the game as a whole is so damn trigger-happy that it still easily qualifies for this list. One of the weapons is a brick, for goodness sake. This is not a sign of subtlety.


Quake III Arena

Quake III appears in this list as a representative of pretty much every game id Software has ever made. There’s perhaps no other developer in the world that understands the simple joy of taking on a bunch of enemies head-on with a big gun in your hand better.


Unreal Tournament

The Unreal Tournament versus Quake III debate still rages on to this very day, and we’re not about to call a favourite. The reason UT takes top spot in this list is that it’s just so excessive, and it revels in conspicuous, showy displays of ultra-violence. I mean, come on, you wouldn’t catch Agent 47 using a gun that fires exploding snot, would you?

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