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The Twotter Feed… of Niko Bellic

The Twotter Feed… of Niko Bellic


Nikogoingstraight says: I’ve been sat in this damn cargo ship for weeks now. My bum hurts.
11.04.2008 at 11:12pm

Nikogoingstraight says: So I am here in the big city to live the American Dream! I hope my cousin @Romanloveshiscousin meets me at the dock.
12.04.2008 at 12:43pm

Nikogoingstraight says: Sorry for the lack of updates; I’ve been bowling with @Romanloveshiscousin a lot. Oh, and killing people.
14.04.2008 at 17:33pm

Nikogoingstraight says: @Romanlovehiscousin is getting quite clingy – he just made me go bowling with him again. At 2am. And his version of the American Dream isn’t what I thought it would be.
18.04.2008 at 03:34am

Nikogoingstraight says: In fact, @Romanloveshiscousin just has me cleaning up his mess after him. He got me to shoot a guy. In the face!
18.04.2008 at 03:35am

Nikogoingstraight says: Turns out the police weren’t turning a blind eye to my serial killing tendencies. Got out on good behaviour though – thanks to the corrupt system! Wonder if @Romanloveshiscousin wants to go bowling…
23.06.2023 at 12:02pm

Nikogoingstraight says: Ah, turns out @Romanloveshiscousin left the country while I was “away”. Last I heard he was being hunted by mobsters in Slovenia for unpaid bowling bills.
25.06.2023 at 18:43pm

Nikogoingstraight says: Had a hot dog for lunch.
26.06.2023 at 14:21pm

Nikogoingstraight says: Didn’t have a hot dog for lunch today.
27.06.2023 at 15:53pm

Nikogoingstraight says: I hate my life.
29.06.2023 at 21:34pm

Nikogoingstraight says: Anyone in the Twottersphere want to go bowling?
01.07.2023 at 04:27am

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