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The Things You HAVE To Do In Games

The Things You HAVE To Do In Games

Not to blatantly rip off a blog post we saw right here, but we kind of have to because it’s a really good idea. Go and read that one first, because it gives you the general idea and some fine examples.

Basically there are things in games a lot of us do. Not all of us – some of you will likely be confused by the actions pointed out. But there’s so many things loads of us just do, for no real reason. Why not list some? Why not indeed.

Reverse over the finish line
On just about every racing game, innit. We’re sure there’s a game where you were awarded a trophy or other such reward for finishing a race backwards. It’s the ultimate insult to your opponents – AI or human – and it shows your superiority over them. That or the fact you like to dick about.

Hammer X so much you restart the conversation
On pretty much any dialogue-based game, obviously. You get impatient. It happens that the story doesn’t matter. You just want to get through this inane chatter. So you hammer X to skip it. And you accidentally hit it too many times

Turning around
On Destruction Derby, of course. Why race in a standard, linear, forward fashion when you can turn around (or reverse) and obliterate your competition that way? Why indeed. It’s how we won most of our races over the years.

Jump through the finish sign
On Sonic The Hedgehog, naturally. On reaching the end of a level it is almost customary for a player to jump through the finish sign/line/post. Does this actually do anything? A cursory check of the internet would probably tell us, but we prefer to live in the mystery of not knowing.

What about yours? Do you have any things that you and others do? Or anything that’s truly unique, at least as far as you know? Do you always hold the PS3 pad like a machine gun during loading screens? Do you reverse back around a corner on GTA if you’ve tried (and failed) to take it cleanly at high speed, in order to try it again? Or is that just me? Hmm.

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  • barnes_almighty

    I always try to kill every single npc in games & get very disappointed when I can’t. Then I move onto killing players in the funniest way possible in multiplayer, my current favourite thing to do is placing anti tank mines on the enemy’s runways on battlefield 3, & also plastering both the enemy thunderbolt & attack helicopter in c4 hiding in their AA gun watching both fly off then detonating BOOM. An easy 2 – 6 kills & really funny ones too.

  • I believe it was the first Sonic on the MegaDrive/Genesis, but for some reason once I ran through/jumped through the signpost, I forced Sonic to come back onto the screen, before the game forced him off again. No idea why I did it, but I did.

    Then you’ve got games like Undead Nightmare, whereby – even though knowing I have limited ammo – I would walk up to a (re)dead zombie, and shoot it point blank in the head. Merely for satisfaction purposes, as it gains me nothing, and only depletes my ammunition.