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The PS4 Launch Guide – PART TWO

Welcome back to Play’s PS4 Launch Guide, detailing every game you can pick up with your new console on day one. If you haven’t read part one yet, click HERE to do so. If you have, well, then read on…


kzsfKillzone: Shadow Fall

Given that the Mega Bundle represents outstanding value for money, we wouldn’t be at all surprised if a lot more people ended up getting Killzone than originally planned to. And since a multiplayer shooter usually lives or dies based on its community, getting it into as many homes as possible is crucial. Smart play, Sony. Guerrilla’s shooter somehow manages to look better every time we see it and with Mercenary refusing to leave our Vitas, excitement for Shadow Fall is at an all time high. It’s time for Killzone to step up into the big league – here’s hoping its next-gen debut doesn’t squander the series’ best chance yet at the big time.

How Next-Gen? 5/5

Why You Need This: It’s the PS4’s flagship launch title



It’s a bit of a shame that Knack has to launch alongside a Lego game, something that feels surprisingly similar in audience and tone but is infinitely more established in gaming circles. With an interesting core mechanic (well, provided Sony can make full use of the size-changing gimmick in the full game – it has seemed like a bit of an afterthought so far), decent stylised visuals and some cool new hardware-side features to showcase, we’ve little doubt that Knack will be a decent game. We just also have little doubt that running around as Lego Wolverine will be quite a lot more fun.

How Next-Gen? 3/5

Why You Need This: To see if games can outshine Toy Story yet


51466LLego Marvel Super Heroes

There’s not a lot to be said about the Lego games that hasn’t already been covered in reviews of the countless titles that have come before this. Still, the all-star Marvel cast lends itself better to the style and structure of the game than any previous entry in the smash crossover franchise – having all kinds of crazy superpowers to switch between will offer even more options, even more variety and even more longevity. Is it going to show off your new console? Hardly. But all the same, only a fool would bet against a Lego game. Especially one with a comically oversized version of Hulk in it.

How Next-Gen? 2/5

Why You Need This: To laugh at how big Lego Hulk is


Madden25-SCREEN-4Madden 25

While FIFA will be the sports game of choice for the European market, this will inevitably do the same kinds of silly numbers in the US where ‘football’ involves an oddly small amount of use of the foot. Like FIFA, it’s almost worth the upgrade for the vastly improved visuals alone and while the niche nature of the sport (outside the US, at least) probably won’t put it on the day-one wishlists of many in Europe, EA will still be going all out to ensure that those who do dive into the bone-crunching fray don’t leave disappointed.

How Next-Gen? 3/5

Why You Need This: Games with playbooks are surprisingly rare


lebronnextgen_ps4_576qskg5NBA 2K14

A few of the guys in the office have picked this up after their swear boxes began to overflow during FIFA play and they now swear by it. The flashy back-and-forth action of basketball just lends itself that much better to a next-gen console than pretty much any other sport – highlight reel moments come thick and fast and there’ll be enough showstopper dunks and amazing driving runs to wear out the Share button in the course of just a few matches. If it’s as good as the PS3 version (and there’s no reason it wouldn’t be) but with those lush new next-gen visuals, we’ll be on board.

How Next-Gen? 4/5

Why You Need This: Because you really like basketball



EA is been out of basketball for a good few years now, ever since its last NBA Live game was cancelled mysteriously on the eve of release, apparently due to concerns over its quality. But now, with new hardware levelling the playing field, it’s time to see if the big-time sports player can shake off several years’ worth of rust and dethrone the reigning champs. Just as Konami’s PES improvements make FIFA a better game through necessity, we’re optimistic that the same will happen here – if Live can’t compete with 2K14 (which we’ve played, and is ace) then it’ll likely be sent back to the bench for another few years.

How Next-Gen? 4/5

Why You Need This: To welcome back a returning franchise


need_for_speed_rivals_gamescom_7_wmNeed For Speed: Rivals

Many have expressed concern that the mighty Criterion isn’t behind the wheel of Rivals but pick up the controller and you’ll see just how much of the Burnout team’s special sauce has been ladled over Ghost Games’ debut. Autolog is taken to a whole new level here and with the additional Share functionality, there’s no achievement or triumph that need stay in the dark. Need For Speed has been the arcade racer of choice ever since Burnout went into semi-retirement and with games as tight as Rivals, it’s really not hard to see why.

How Next-Gen? 3/5

Why You Need This: There won’t be a new Burnout for years


skylandersSkylanders Swap Force

While many write off Activision’s ingenious toy-based franchise as being a cash grab, the core games are actually surprisingly entertaining. Taking the form of simple action RPGs where the player character can be switched at any time, it’s sort of an entry level Diablo III and in that respect, Swap Force’s new gimmick works perfectly. Top and bottom sections of the toys can be mixed and matched to create hundreds of character variants for all situations – there’s finally a reason to buy more figures outside of completionism. It’s perhaps not the best showcase for PS4’s crazy power, but the next-gen version will still be the best (all your old figures will work cross-platform too).

How Next-Gen? 2/5

Why You Need This: You’ve already collected the rest


Thanks for reading Play’s PS4 Launch Guide! Feel free to let us know which games you’ll be picking up in a comment, or on Twitter or Facebook!


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