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The PS4 Launch Guide – PART ONE

Not sure what games are available for your shiny new PS4, or not sure which of them to buy? Fear not, terrified consumer – we are here for you. Behold: the Play PS4 Launch Guide, split into two handy parts for easy digestion! Let’s get on with it, shall we? Oh, and when you are done, click HERE to read part two!


ACGA_SP_81_CaribbeanSea_SailingBeautyShot_1080p_1380622567Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Ever since this was first announced, we’ve been fully on board with the idea of an open world pirate game. Seamlessly blending sailing, underwater adventure and land-based action without a sniff of loading, Black Flag is a game where freedom and exploration are king and the sprawling take on the Caribbean looks jaw-droppingly pretty on PS4. Naval battles (the only good bit of ACIII) return better than ever because pirates, while even multiplayer feels like it makes more sense with the new buccaneering slant. Sounds good, right? And it very much is.

How Next-Gen? 4/5

Why You Need This: To wash away the bad taste left by ACIII


close_1920x1080Battlefield 4

COD may have something of a chokehold on the multiplayer shooter market on console but Battlefield has always been big business on PC. And now, with the power of PC finally allowing the next-gen version of Battlefield 4 to just about reach parity with the stunning PC version (both in terms of visuals and features), EA’s large-scale shooter could be poised to steal back its crown. With destructible environments and epic 64-player online matches, this is a shooter on a scale that few have attempted on console, and those that did failed. But if anyone can get it right, it’s those tech-savvy guys at Dice.

How Next-Gen? 4/5

Why You Need This: Scale matters in online multiplayer


COD Ghosts_In The Weeds_1382026695Call Of Duty: Ghosts

Ghosts is the no-brainer purchase on the list – you can almost guarantee that when the first data comes back about PS4 online play, this will have been the most popular online game by no small margin. There’s a noticeable leap in visual fidelity from PS3 to PS4 and without sacrificing the series’ all-important 60fps frame rate, while the action still bolts along at breakneck speed. The solo campaign looks as daft and redundant as ever but when multiplayer is this good, who really cares? We’re also oddly excited about the Clan stuff and the associated metagame, but then we love weird stuff like that…

How Next-Gen? 3/5

Why You Need This: Because everybody will be playing it online


fifa14-xboxone-ps4-02FIFA 14

It’s been out for so long that you probably already picked up FIFA if you like football but with so many retailers offering great deals when you upgrade from the PS3 version of a game to the new PS4 one, it’s probably time to think about making a tactical substitution. It’s pretty much the same game you’ve been getting cross with for the last few months, just with the odd tweak here and there and massively improved visuals. The Share button will come into its own here as well, allowing you to show the world your net-busting free kicks and career-ending challenges or even streaming your matches to let the community tune in on match day.

How Next-Gen? 4/5

Why You Need This: It’s the most beautiful beautiful game


InjusticeGodsAmongUs-UltimateEdition-BatmanSupermanInjustice: Gods Among Us

A latecomer to the PS4 party but still a welcome one. Most genres are pretty well represented in the PS4 launch line-up but until Nether Realm announced that its DC-based brawler would be joining the day-one list, there was a noticeable fighter-shaped gap. Whether or not Solomon Grundy and Doomsday will actually fit into that gap is another matter, but the game itself proved to be a pleasant surprise earlier in the year and it’s (Justice) leagues ahead of Mortal Kombat in terms of gameplay. Injustice is presented here with all its DLC, meaning you also get to play as Scorpion. For some reason.

How Next-Gen? 2/5

Why You Need This: Need more jump-back-eye-laser Superman


Just_Dance_2014Just Dance 2014

The token ‘chuck it into the bundles to make up the numbers’ game, Ubisoft’s family-friendly dancing franchise has somehow become a worldwide hit despite being utter rubbish. We still don’t know how exactly the PS4 version will work – be it just using the camera, tracking Move or just tracking the DualShock 4 – and frankly, we don’t really care either. We’re not buying the most powerful console on the planet so we can dick about in front of some badly-dressed silhouettes while a game guesses whether or not we’re any good at dancing. That sounds like THE WORST.

How Next-Gen? 1/5

Why You Need This: You’re a six-year-old girl

That’s all for part one – click HERE for part two!


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