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The Last Of Us 2: 4 Changes We Want To See

The Last Of Us 2: 4 Changes We Want To See

As reported by our pals on NowGamer, The Last Of Us 2 has a 50% chance of happening. If that’s the case, here are four things we’d like to see in a return to Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic world:

Play as a grown Ellie. We’d love a sequel set a decade or so down the line, with players controlling an adult Ellie. Joel and Ellie’s story is done, and doesn’t need any further elaboration, but the adventures of an adult Ellie opens up a world of possibilities, while maintaining the emotional connection players have with the character. Although, there is another option…

Alternatively, no Joel or Ellie at all. As we said, Joel and Ellie’s story is done, and would only be cheapened by a forced extension. However, the world Naughty Dog has created is so rich and ripe for storytelling, it would be a shame to not revisit it. An entirely new tale starring new characters would be just as welcome, if not more so, than going back to what we already know.

More focus on survival. While it might not gel with Naughty Dog’s cinematic, story-based approach, we’d love a more survival-oriented experience, taking ideas from games like Day Z. Having to scavenge for food to keep yourself alive, performing makeshift medical care on injuries, perhaps finding suitable shelter to spend the night and so on. Mixing such ideas with a focused, linear experience would be touch, but if anyone can do it, it’s Naughty Dog.

More multiplayer! Nobody expected the multiplayer in The Last Of Us to be any good, but it turned out to be really excellent, especially the crazy tense Survivors mode, which pits two teams of 4 against each other with no respawns and extremely limited ammo. While the story is undoubtedly the main appeal, we’d love to see more multiplayer, with an increased focus on the tense resource-management and crucial, second-to-second encounters that made TLOU our most played multiplayer game of 2013.


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