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The Largo* Embargo (*PS3)

If you’re looking to buy a PS3 and it turns out you can’t – thanks to their availability being restricted, do to this little problem – we have some suggestions for you. Yes, it’s time for an Entirely Serious And Definitely Not At All Facetious list! So here are some things you can do instead of waiting to buy a delayed PS3:

Put it all on black
Not that we encourage gambling, but if you win you can buy two PS3s! Though, to be fair, if you lose you can buy none. Unless you have spare money, in which case gamble that too! (Don’t)

Mount a daring rescue
We’d consider it a rescue, as those poor consoles are being held against their will. If you’re bored and desperate enough, surely it isn’t too much of a stretch to consider a bit of cloak and dagger action? Well, minus the dagger.

Go out into the world
Only joking – it’s horrible and smelly out there.

Buy a 360
Bear with us here – it’s simple time management. The PS3s won’t be allowed entry for a couple of weeks or so, meaning in that time you’ll be able to buy and enjoy a 360. By the time the PS3s do arrive over here your 360 will likely have died anyway (what with you having the temerity to have played it once or twice over a two week period), so you’re free to buy Sony’s machine as a replacement. It’s obvious!

And that’s all of your suggestions for today.

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