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The inFamous 2 “Good Or Evil Quiz”

The inFamous 2 “Good Or Evil Quiz”

inFamousGoodEvilJust like the first game inFamous 2 is going to have a lot of focus on making decisions that will affect your karma. Will you be the good guy or the bad guy? It’s a tough thing to work out, so we’ve put together this 100% fool proof test to find out for you before you start playing.

Cat_mouth_openQuestion 1 – A small boy approaches you in some distress. His pet cat, Jasper, has become stranded on a branch in a nearby tree and he desperately wants your help. Will you…?
A)    Levitate up to the branch, carefully coax the unfortunate feline into your arms and return to the young boy with his cat and a few words about brushing teeth, drinking milk and going to bed early.
B)    Tell the kid to stop being such a woos, hit the branch with a bolt of lightning making it fall down and then set the whole tree on fire, just to make sure this kind of crap doesn’t interrupt you in the future.

Steak_03_bg_040306Question 2 – A furious restaurant patron approaches you demanding justice. He produces a steak and begins waving it in your face. He insists he ordered a medium rare steak, but this is clearly well done. What should you do?
A)    Offer some conciliatory words to the food lover, compliment him on his steak choice and then offer to fry him one up personally as you know exactly how to do it and it isn’t worth getting people into trouble over.
B)    Grab the steak from his hand, slap in on his forehead for bothering you with such nonsense before zapping him in the balls and quipping, “how do you like those well done?”

Bank_in_maroccoQuestion 3 – A disgruntled bank employee has climbed to the roof of her branch and is threatening to jump unless her manager apologises for using her stapler without permission. Can you help?
A)    You grab an electric guitar from across the street and using your wondrous abilities begin to serenade the emotionally fraught banker with songs of hope and love, finishing up with ‘Big Bottom Girls’ by Queen, for laughs.
B)    Seeing the justification for this woman’s grievances as well as the pointlessness of her life you push her off the building yourself so her point can be made without delay and then electrocute the bank manager for good measure.

328_busQuestion 4 – A busy and slightly jittery commuter screams out in dismay as he loses battery power on his touch screen mobile telephone right in the middle of a conversation. Will you intervene?
A)    Sensing that the gentleman may be about to spark off into a caffeine fuelled rage that could draw other commuters in you leap to the rescue, grabbing the phone from his hand and charging it up with your powers. Minor tension avoided.
B)    This idiot isn’t worth your time, but his combination of jeans with sandals offends you so you zap him with a few bolts, vaporising the clothes from his body and leaving him naked in front of everyone. Maybe he’ll remember to charge his phone in future.

DIN_lang_-_Letter_WindowQuestion 5 – A receptionist in a busy office building is sorting through the mail when she suddenly gets a paper cut and starts bleeding. She is most distress by this as she has an aversion to blood. Can you help?
A)    You leap in and offer calming words of reassurance before producing a sticky plaster you just happen to carry upon your person. This appears to placate her so you offer a few comments about how nicely she is dressed to bolster her confidence and offer to make her a cup of tea.
B)    This incessant drama is really beginning to piss you off so you decide to kill everyone in the office, just so they won’t bother you again and then systematically destroy every tree on the planet to prevent paper being made. Now, paper cuts are impossible.

How Did You Do?
Mostly As – You’re a good and wholesome hero that kids can look up to although you’re taking on a lot of work. You should probably think about taking a break from time to time and stop sweating the small stuff.
Mostly Bs – Wow, you are one hard arsed piece of work. You’re unflinching commitment to pain and suffering is to be admired if for no other reason than we would be terrified to defy you. Well done.

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