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The Greatest Betrayals On PlayStation

The Greatest Betrayals On PlayStation

Betrayal is a common theme in videogames and so it has become something we tend to be well prepared for. However they can still cut us deep when our supposed friends or allies turn on us and stab our heroes in the back. That’s just plain wrong. Anyway, we had a god old think and here’s a selection of the greatest betrayals to have darkened a PlayStation console.

[Warning!!! Mild Spoilers]

Big Smoke – GTA: San Andreas
Selling out CJ and the Grove Street Families for a piece of the drug business in Los Santos and San Fierro, Big Smoke is a suspicious character from the start. When he winds up involved in the murder of CJ’s mother though his loyalties are much clearer.

Atlas – BioShock
All is not as it appears in the world of Rapture, but that much you probably already knew. Atlas isn’t exactly the easiest character to trust, but few would have been prepared for the revelation that he was actually Frank Fontaine and he was controlling you with the words, “Would you kindly…”

Lance Vance – GTA: Vice City
Feeling unappreciated by Tommy Vercetti, Lance sells his partner out to mob boss Sonny Forelli. This results in a massive assault on the Vercetti mansion, but Tommy survives and winds up killing Lance and the Forelli gang in one blow.

Harry Flynn – Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
Sure, Drake seemed perfectly happy to pull the wool over Flynn’s eyes on the Istanbul Museum heist, but it was ‘Arry that left Drake to rot in a Turkish prison. That’s not cool. Flynn does get one of the best lines in the game though. “There’s a guy above you, there’s a guy above you!”

Catalina – GTA III
There are some betrayals that don’t need to wait and Catalina wasted no time in turning on Claude, shooting him immediately after a bank job as she looked to secure her place as leader of a Colombian Cartel. It’s OK though as Claude blows her up with a rocket launcher.

Ares – God Of War
This betrayal happens pre-game, but it’s so important to everything that follows we had to include it. Ares tricks Kratos into killing his own family and so sets in motion the thirst for revenge that will see the Ghost Of Sparta topple the Olympians. It’s epic stuff.

Celeste – Mirror’s Edge
Introduced to you early as a fellow Runner, Celeste seems friendly enough, but it turns out she sold out Faith, her sister Kate and the rest of the Runner community for Project Icarus. She spends most of the game running away from you in a hockey mask, but Faith catches her eventually.

Al Mualim – Assassin’s Creed
While we were always suspicious of the ultimate intentions of our guild leader in Assassin’s Creed, we didn’t expect him to be manipulating the Templars themselves, consolidating his power. His betrayal dug deep and fighting him was a huge pain in the backside.

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  • Dan Gray

    “Curse your sudden, but inevitable, betrayal!”

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  • Sean

    Great article. Has reminded of the great times of some much loved classic’s.

  • Adam

    You got the Unchartered quote wrong AGAIN!

    “There’s a guy above you…”There’s a guy below you”