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The Future Of Horror Games

The Future Of Horror Games

Talk of survival horror’s demise has been greatly exaggerated over the years and hopefully put to bed by the release of Dead Space 2 where the undead were alive and kicking. But, looking ahead to the games that skirt around the horror genre it’s interesting to see the wide array of approaches developers are taking to bring something new and interesting to the arena.

B-Movie Hacker – Shadows of the Damned

Brought to you by the makers of No More Heroes/Killer 7 and Resident Evil/Vanquish, Shadows Of The Damned seems to be mixture of all of the above. One man must venture into hell to save his girlfriend. With Shinji Mikami’s sense of the demonic and Suda 51’s sense of fun this won’t be your typical horror game.

The Traditional Shocker – Silent Hill: Downpour

While Silent Hill left its development home of Japan a long time ago it remains more or less true to its psychological horror roots, twisting story and soul-corrupting imagery. One interesting new move for developer Vatra though is a more open and explorable game world. Can it make this work? We’ll have to see.

The Odd-ball Entry – Yakuza: Of The End

We hate to go on and on about this, but we really never thought that this would be the direction that Yakuza would take. We’re not expecting any great changes in gameplay, so expect a lot more zombie punching and kicking than slicing and shooting. I could be wonderfully odd.

The Crypt Botherer – Tomb Raider

Rumours of Lara Croft’s prequel/reboot taking more of a survival horror direction were common before Square Enix confirmed the game’s existence. Now having seen some of the early images we’re inclined to believe these rumours were true, but we still expect puzzles and climbing to be big too.

The ‘You’re The Scary One’ Twist – F.E.A.R. 3

We’ve got a lot of time for the F.E.A.R. series, but where once scaring the bejesus out of us was Alma’s key aim, something very different is happening now. With Paxton Fettel working side by side with Point Man, you are about as scary as anything Alma’s contraction pains could throw at you. It’s an interesting new twist.

The Dark Horse – Dead Island

A lot of people went a little loopy over Dead Island’s trailer. Some gushed over it, others seemed to want to start a North African revolution about it. Whatever the truth of Dead Island’s final quality, this is a much more traditional survival game than most coming up.

The Horror Convert – Resistance 3

Zombies or Aliens? Which is scarier? In an occupied United States with the odds stacked against you, could we really look at Resistance 3 as anything other than a survival game? And have you seen Chimera? They’re pretty horrifying. There in summary, it’s a survival horror game. We rest out case.

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