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The Force Unleashed III: 5 story predictions

The Force Unleashed III: 5 story predictions

Speaking to our fierce rivals and well-within-earshot enemies SciFiNow, Julio Torres, project lead on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II revealed there will likely be a third game in the series. This comes after speculation that there actually would not be a Force Unleashed III.

But what could happen in the third game? How could they approach it? We do not know how the second game finishes, so this is purely speculative. It’s The Force Unleashed III as based on speculation and educated guesses.

The Force Unleashed III: Starkiller, No Filler – Learning lessons from the development cycles of the first two games, LucasArts will have honed The Force Unleashed III down to such a perfect ball of loveliness it will have absolutely no chaff whatsoever. As a result, the game will last approximately 37 minutes and go down in history as ‘the most perfect experience ever’.

The Force Unleashed III: Space Vaders – The focus on the good guy as the lead character will change dramatically for the third game in the series. Players will take control of The Most Evil Man In The Universe, Darth Vader, as he pootles aroundspace looking for Jedi to massacre. It will be a 95%-rated game.

The Force Unleashed III: Han’s Job – This will be a radical departure for the series, taking the Force Unleashed III down the niche route of a stealth/trading experience. Players will take control of Han Solo as he takes on a series of jobs, locating his cargo, smuggling it out and delivering it to paying customers. While it will be a critical darling, taking part in the numerous Han Jobs won’t prove that popular with the buying public.

The Force Unleashed III: Leisure Suit Lando – Known ladies’ man Lando Calrissian takes over Starkiller’s role. But whereas previous games in the series were action-based romps, this Force Unleashed III will be a puzzle-based adventure game. Using Lando’s ability to romance the ladies, players will somehow make a Star Destroyer crash. Or something. The game will be hailed as a classic before suddenly sinking without trace.

The Force Unleashed III: Ackbar Goes Rogue – The end of TFUII sees Starkiller, once more, struck down in battle. He, once more, dies a heroes death and makes sure the Rebellion can live on. But we need a new hero for the third game – someone of indomitable spirit, unmatched courageousness and the ability to spot a trap a mile off. Yes – The Force Unleashed III will star Admiral Ackbar in the lead role. The game will receive a score of 73%, but later be re-evaluated as ‘a lot better than that’.

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