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The best travelling games for PSP

I’m going to get a train in a few hours. A few hours after that, I’ll still be on the train. This is because it takes five hours to get where I’m going. Still, I have my PSP with me, and this will keep me from going insane with boredom. Why? Because Sony’s handheld is still relevant, and it is home to some fantastic games well worth your time. With that in mind, might I present you with a few recommendations for fantastic PSP travelling games:

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Tekken 6

Ideal for the short-haul journeys thanks to the swiftness of fights – you can always fit in a few batterings of King on your way to work. Just try not to play against Azazel in polite company, as the police will probably end up being called.


Pinball Fantasies

Available for a few quid as a Mini, Fantasies is one of the best pinball games ever made. It may not look as good as more recent examples, but in simplicity comes the replayability: you will cane this one for hours on end and not even notice you’re doing it.


Half Minute Hero

Look out for our review in a future issue for the full lowdown, but in a nutshell: fantastic fun, well worth the money and helps journeys fly by.


GTA: Chinatown Wars

Refined and perfected in transition from DS to PSP, Chinatown Wars still surprises me every time I boot it up. I expect to be playing for half an hour before I get bored, I end up playing for about three (then, obviously, I have to replace the PSPs battery).



If you fancy something a bit more laid back, or something to get your creative juices well and truly flowing, why not give LBPPSP a go? Creating your masterpiece of a level while all those on the train/coach/plane around you look as miserable as they are is an unbeatable experience. Though if you’re not that creative, you may want to avoid this option.


Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days

Another one you’re waiting on the review for, but seeing as it’s a port of the already-excellent PS2 game I think it’s safe to say you already know what to expect. Ideal for those of us travelling stupid distances, Disgaea 2’s insane depth will simply eat up the hours… days… weeks… months…

There are more to recommend – I know this for a fact – but for now that should tide you over. Next time you realise a long journey has flown by and you haven’t been bored once, you can thank me. And Sony, I suppose, as they made the wonderful little PSP.

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