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The best multiplayer game ever needs to come to PS4

The best multiplayer game ever needs to come to PS4

Gang Beasts is the greatest multiplayer game ever created and you probably haven’t even heard of it. Four mates from Sheffield and Teesside have come together to create a game that is buggy, broken, ugly and utterly glorious. Only on version 0.3 as of writing, Gang Beasts has four pudgy play-doh men punching the hell of each other and attempting to throw their enemies off ledge and into various traps.

Controls are simple, with players able to punch and grab with both arms. Each player has a stamina bar, once punched into submission can be grabbed with both hands and lifted above your head before throwing them to their inevitable doom. It already sounds good, but the real fun comes from the fact that it handles like utter arse. Characters stagger around like lads on the tail-end of a stag do, throwing wild swings, falling over their own feet and drunkenly gesticulating in the general direction of their opponents.

It’s completely hilarious, and with four friends sat around a monitor, the best multiplayer fun you’ll have had with a game in years. If you want to give it a try, you can download it for free here: http://www.indiedb.com/games/gangbeasts. Bear in mind, it works best with a console pad.

So, team Boneloaf, we put forward the preposition that Gang Beasts would be perfect for the PS4. With Sony’s renewed focus on indie hits, a game like Gang Beasts can thrive in a console environment in a way not possible in years past. Granted, it wouldn’t be for a while, as the game would need to be in a finished state for many gamers to be willing to spend money on it. But hey, it works best with a pad anyway – it was made for console!

The only downside we can see would be having to shell out for three more DualShock 4 pads, but it would still be worth it. So yes, Boneloaf: please, bring Gang Beasts to PS4!


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