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The Anatomy Of… Octodad

The Anatomy Of… Octodad

Forget Metal Gear Solid V. Shove Final Fantasy XV up your arse. Kick Call Of Duty: Ghosts to the curb. There’s only one upcoming game worth your attention and its name is Octodad: Dadliest Catch. But who is this titular cephalopod, and why is he such a big deal? Read on…

OctodadPromotionalImageLoving father. Caring husband. Secret octopus.
The story behind Octodad is simple. This is the tale of a simple octopus that wants more. Most octopi are satisfied to while away their lives on the sea floor, but not this one (who we will hereafter refer to as Gary.) Gary wants to live like a human – fall in love, get married, have children and support a family. He’s a little octopus with big dreams, and it’s up to the player to help Gary achieve them.

Walk before you can run
This is done by controlling each of Octodad’s limbs individually. On the PC original, players clicked the left or right mouse button for each leg respectively, swiping the mouse forward to move the leg before letting go to place it down. It’s as hard as it sounds and utterly mental. The road to mastery will involve plenty of Octodad flopping around, flailing with futility as he scoots across the floor on his face.

‘Arms’ are controlled in the same way, and although Gary’s powerful suckers allow him to hold some heavy stuff, getting to that point without destroying everything in sight through wild tentacle gesticulation is very tough. Hopefully Dadliest Catch will translate the mental PC controls to the PS4 pad successfully for more hilarious, unintentional slapstick. Also, whoever came up with the name Dadliest Catch deserves a Nobel Prize of some sort. Perhaps a knighthood. Could they be made a saint?

Hang on, why is dad orange?
A suspicion meter tracks how close Gary’s family are to realising he is not exactly the man he claims to be. Act too unconvincingly and it’s a one-way street back to the ocean for poor Octodad. That’s all there is to it: control an octopus pretending to be a human and do it as well as possible. If the concept alone doesn’t make this your new most anticipated game, we aren’t sure we can still be friends.

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