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The 7 Worst PlayStation3 Endings Ever

The 7 Worst PlayStation3 Endings Ever

When you’ve spent hours and hours battling the alien invasion, stopping the communist threat, saving the president and sneaking through Mr Big’s base before shooting him in the heart with a tranquilizer dart, you expect more than a game over screen for your efforts.

Even so, a game over screen would be better than some of the confusing, illogical or miserable attempts at endings we’re served up these days. Here are seven of the absolute worst…

7. Enslaved

You could argue that the ending wasn’t that bad. But then you’d be wrong. In the context of a game that had incredible writing building up the relationship between Monkey and Tripp as something special, maybe it was inevitable that the ending would disappoint. Even so… pyramids? Masks? Huh?

6. Assassin’s Creed

There have been enough attempts to dissect the ending and make sense of it but honestly, this is videogame tripe at its worst. It’s bad enough that it simply can’t exist as the story of an assassin killing people without having to lumber it with a ludicrous sci-fi sideplot but Jesus H. Christ, what the flippin’ heck is going on in this ending?

5. Every Fighting Game Ever

The endings have always, always been bad for fighting games. But then you play them for versus and don’t bother with the single player modes. Right?

4. Bioshock

Bioshock had one of the best stories ever seen in a FPS, with its unique setting, smart twist and willingness to tell its tale through environment and characters rather than just through cutscenes. Its ability to resist FPS convention was truly to be admired but with the finishing line is sight, we’re saddled with a giant fire monster man thing as the final boss and 30 seconds of cutscene for the actual ending. Boo.

3. H.A.W.X. 2

It’s not the ending that offends per se, which is a few seconds of chest-thumping God Bless America gumph keeping in line with the rest of the game, but the actual final mission. You have to shoot down a nuclear missile. If that’s not ridiculous enough, you then have to shoot down hundreds of nuclear missiles and then fly through a tunnel. What?

2. Clive Barker’s Jericho

The winged demon takes the giant evil baby away into the light where it explodes while you dive underwater to avoid the collapsing cave before emerging in a wide open sea as the sun sets. Obviously.

1. Kane & Lynch 2

Just watch it. The ending is a grand total of… 21 seconds long!

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  • KeeperOfTheWord

    Can you guys swap the Enslaved one for a video that isn’t German subbed with German please?

  • Ryan King

    Erm… whoops. My bad. Swapped it for an English one 🙂

  • I liked Enslaved’s ending… Everyone has their opinion though.

  • Bob

    Why is this a SP3 article? All these titles are multiplatform.

  • Ian Dransfield

    No they’re not. ONLY ONE CONSOLE EXISTS.

  • Ryan King

    It’s a SP3 site, so they count even if the games are on 630 as well.