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Ten of the best GTA deaths

Ten of the best GTA deaths

The GTA series has always been violent, that much everyone can agree on, but what some people fail to appreciate is the range of different methods of killing there are available to you. There’s so much more to death in GTA than running pedestrians over and shooting cops…

Don’t ‘Chute!

San Andreas’s vast size and its range of available aircraft meant that you were able to leap out of aeroplanes at heights of several thousand feet. Most planes had handy parachutes on board, but if you didn’t try plummeting without opening your parachute at least once, then you sir, are a bit weird.

Feather Spatter

Collecting hidden packages, horseshoes and clams encouraged us to explore previous Grand Theft Auto games, but it always seemed a little bit arbitrary – ya know, kind of pointless. But culling pigeons in Grand Theft Auto IV? Now, that really is providing a truly worthwhile service.

Golf Clubbed To Death

All weapons are forbidden at the Leaf Links Country Club. All weapons, that is, except golf clubs. While it is possible to jump a car over the fence in order to bypass the security gates, it’s less hassle to just beat golfers to death using the tools available for hire inside.

Have A Drink, Have A Drive

Just like in real life, there are few better ways to get badly hurt or killed than spending several hours boozing heavily then plonking yourself behind the wheel of a motor car. The car crashes will make Niko dead and the wobbly, fuzzy screen effects will make you sick.

I Saw Dead People

Guns might be efficient, and knives might be discreet, but killing people shouldn’t always be about efficiency and discretion. Sometimes the most awkward, cumbersome and conspicuous way of killing someone is by far the most fun, and that’s where the mighty chainsaw comes in.

Kick The Bouquet

The bunches of blossoming blooms dotted around various areas in San Andreas are supposed to be used as gifts to your various girlfriends, but that’s not all they’re good for. They’re also good for beating people to death. Actually they’re really bad for it, but trying is really funny anyway.

Plopped Off

Standing on the sea bed, just off the shore of Vice City, there are no less than two dead men with their 
feet embedded in large blocks of concrete. Don’t ask us how we managed to find them. Getting underwater in Vice City usually involves kinda breaking the game.

Spurt A Head

Tried shooting someone in the head in GTA IV? Were you disappointed that your bullet didn’t take the skull clean off, leaving a blood fountain in its wake? We once did this to someone driving a car in Vice City and he opened the door, got out and stood up with blood still pissing out his neck.

Coughing Up Flame

Every GTA game has had flame-throwers, but they are one thing that’s not been as fun since the series went 3D. In GTA and GTA 2 there was no better way to wreak havoc, terror and death on the streets, whereas in GTAs III to IV they don’t have enough range and you can’t see where you’re aiming.

Toilet Cubi-kill

Much as we appreciate the way GTA games let us figure out our own ways to dispose of our targets and enemies, we also love it when they come up with a really cool way on our behalf. Like using a bulldozer to push a man in a portaloo into a big hole, then filling the hole with concrete.

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