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Ten of the best chat-up lines

Ten of the best chat-up lines

If you’ve ever found that quoting videogames in conversations with girls makes them cringe then hurriedly look around for someone better looking to talk to, then you’ve just been using the wrong lines. Try these out next time you’re on the pull, and the chicks will be all over you…

“Ahh, we’re finally alone… All right, pussycat… Come to daddy!”
Don Corneo, Final Fantasy VII

If you suspect that the bit of skirt in question might actually be a bloke in disguise, then this is the perfect line for calling his/her bluff. If ‘daddy’ doesn’t work, try ‘papa’.

“Get over here!”
Scorpion, Mortal Kombat series

Sometimes women just want you to take control and get straight to the point, and nothing says ‘dominant male’ like a big spike on the end of a rope. Just watch she doesn’t do the splits and punch you in the testicles.

“Yo gangsta! Get ready to gang bang!”
Strike, Bust A Groove

A lot of girls are into hip-hop culture these days, so it’s important to make it clear to them that you’re as ‘street’ as the next ‘playa’. Tim ‘Westwood’ uses ‘rap’ like this all the time and ‘check’ how much ‘poon’ he gets.

“Those are some impressive muscles you have. May I feel your chest?”
Okuni, Warriors Orochi

This is a line that a lady uses on a man, but we reckon there’s absolutely no reason whatsoever why a man shouldn’t try it out on a lady, too.

“Don’t make me come out my face.”
Female pedestrian, GTA: San Andreas

Bit of a long shot this one, as whoever you say it to is bound to think you’re kinda crazy and dirty and weird, but a surprising number of people actually get really turned on by that, so why not give it a go.

“Do you think love can bloom even on a battlefield?”
Otacon, Metal gear

Otacon risks his life following Snake through some dangerous situations to ask him this, so it must be a very ‘deep’ question. Chicks dig ‘deep’ questions, especially dumb chicks who think they’re smart.

“All right! I’m getting pumped up! We can do this… as many times as you like.”
Hong Yun-seong, Soul Calibur III

Women like it when guys are enthusiastic and energetic so, even if you’re indifferent and lethargic like us, try this line and they might be fooled.

“Oh, when I imagine your beautiful face straining in pain, I just get chills.”
Anna Williams, Tekken 5

We don’t like pain, but if a honey like Anna said this to us, we could easily convince ourselves that we do after all. We wouldn’t suggest guys trying this one on girls though.

“My balls are flying everywhere. How ‘bout you shag ‘em for me?”
Dad, Tony Hawk’s Project 8

Obviously, this is a perfectly innocent request  – something to do with golf – but we’re pretty sure it could be adapted for use on a nightclub dance floor just before chucking out time.

“That is one giant pussy!!”
Yuri Hyuga, Shadow Hearts: Covenant

You know what women are like. Sometimes all you’re trying to do is pay them a simple compliment and they take it completely the wrong way. And they really, really, really hate it when you accuse them of over feeding their pets.

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