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Top 10 Franchises We Want On PS4

Top 10 Franchises We Want On PS4

Happy PlayStation 4 day, everyone! If you are reading this tomorrow or later and it turns out Sony actually unveiled the Xperia Play 2, please disregard the previous sentence. But we are assuming it’s going to be the PS4, so let’s go with it. Here are ten franchises we love right now that we would love even more on next gen hardware. Are you reading, assorted developers and publishers? Make it happen!


10- Metal Gear

This one seems pretty much a given, with the “totally not MGS5” The Phantom Pain looking pretty darn next-gen already, from what we’ve seen. We’d love Kojima to try his hand with some new IP, but we also really love Metal Gear Solid, so it’s a win-win. What would be properly ace is a remake of the original two Metal Gear games, bringing everyone up to speed with Solid Snake’s early adventures in glorious future graphics and really, really high definitions. Drool.


9- The Elder Scrolls

We still haven’t finished Skyrim for Pete’s sake, but can you imagine how wonderful an Elder Scrolls game would be with the power of next-gen behind it? It’s gonna get to the point where it actually looks better than real life, at which point we will never go outside again and all end up looking like Jabba the Hutt. It’s a good look. Perhaps an Elder Scroll game that takes place across the entirety of Tamriel, rather than a single continent at a time?


8- Fight Night

We love a bit of boxing here at Play (watching it, not doing it ourselves, pain hurts) and EA’s Fight Night series has done a great job of translating the sweet science to a videogame format while keeping it realistic. Previous title Fight Night Champion was already close to photo-realistic, and we can’t help but imagine that next-gen it’s gonna look totally real. Expansions on the fantastic career mode and another great story mode in the vein of Rocky would also be a… KNOCKOUT BLOW. GET IT? BOXING HAHAH.


7- DmC: Devil May Cry

We are sure Devil May Cry will return in some form for the next-gen, but after the sub-par sales of the recent reboot, we wonder if it will be a return to the white-haired Dante of old. That would be great, but we’ve come to like the new, younger Dante and his surly attitude. His story is just beginning, and it would be a shame to see it end too soon due to unimportant things like money and business. Ninja Theory did some stellar work on DmC and hopefully they get to continue working their magic with the franchise.


6- Deus Ex

The original Deus Ex is one of the best games ever made, and although sequel Invisible War was a bit poo, recent revival Human Revolution was a brilliant return to the dark near-future, full of augmentations and conspiracy. The games are famous for their open-ended gameplay allowing players to tackle tasks however they see fit, and we’d love to see this expanded even further with the power next-gen allows. Plus, more cool robot body parts please!


5- Batman Arkham

The two Arkham games have proven that superhero games don’t actually have to suck, as everyone previously thought. They also prove that Batman is a huge badass and, given the opportunity, will destroy your very existence with a punch. We’d love Rocksteady to try their hand at a larger take on the DC Universe, expanding things to include other favourites like Superman, The Flash, Green Lantern and Nightwing. Basically, Lego Batman 2 but more grown-up and with better combat. Can you imagine? It would be phenominal.


4- Resident Evil

We still love Resi, despite the terrible things its done to us in recent years. We aren’t ready for the franchise to die just yet, and what would be great to mark the move to next-gen would be a true return to the survival-horror days of old. We know, this is the same crap people have been saying for years, but what better time to make the change than a transition to new hardware? A classic Resident Evil game with amazing graphics and massive production values, It’s the kind of stuff people can only dream of.


3- Red Dead

Red Dead Redemption is the best Grand Theft Auto game Rockstar have ever made, a true modern classic in every sense. Everyone loves Westerns and secretly wishes they were Clint Eastwood, and RDR finally let us play out those fantasies in glorious fashion. More of the same but better is all we ask – honestly, it was so good the first time that we wouldn’t want massive changes. Riding your horse across the barren plains, fighting off bandits or tying people to train tracks, we want to go back to the old west. Hopefully Rockstar are listening.


2- Vanquish

Okay, it isn’t a franchise, there’s only been one so far, but another Vanquish on next-gen would full us with pants-wetting levels of happiness. Vanquish was all about the spectacle, a million things happening at once as you zip around in a rad robot suit, blasting robots in the face. Take the formula, multiply by all the power next-gen affords, and go. We truly can’t fathom quite how beautifully crazy a next-gen Vanquish would be, and we want to know. Whatever Platinum end up doing next, it’s basically guaranteed to be great regardless.


1- Half-Life

We can’t remember exactly how long we’ve been waiting for Half-Life 3 now but it feels like the best part of LITERALLY FOREVER. “Valve time” has become a running joke but we aren’t laughing, we are quietly sobbing in a corner as we wait for Gabe Newell to bestow upon us mortals the next installment in the best FPS series ever made. When (if) it ever comes out, it’s surely going to come to consoles as well as Valve’s own Steam on PC. We want it. More than any other game. PLEASE VALVE. PLEASE.

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  • P$G

    Uhmm what about Uncharted? God of War? Kingdom Hearts? GTA? I could go on and on about how your list is pretty stupid. I mean why would you want Vanquish on ps4? Or Batman?

  • Nick Less

    This list pretty much covers all the franchises I’d like to see on the PS4. Good to see Vanquished isn’t forgotten. The only one I wouldn’t like to see is another Resident Evil title.

    If Capcom concentrate on the parts of Resident Evil 6 that I identified as being good (from the tunnel segment to the boss in the cathedral in Leon’s campaign and chapter 2 in Ada’s campaign) and eliminated the bad (the poor camera, nightmarish quick time events, ADHD like pacing and that bullet sponging chainsaw wielding boss) then I’ll become interested in the franchise again.

  • scvd

    P$G, way to be obvious. The Arkham franchise is one of the most critically acclaimed series to come from this gen out of nowhere, to see it head to PS4 with a larger scale open world would be stunning. As for Vanquish, 6 hours of pure fun, why not get a stylish as f* second helping on the next gen platform.

  • disqus_irgM45kBH5

    I would like to see something not seen on the system before Sim City, Age of Empires, Football Manager but with the option to use a mouse.