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Take the time to play

Take the time to play

There are a number of big-name releases coming out in the next few weeks (as well as ones already out), and it got me thinking. I have, in the past, taken time off work, school or being unemployed (which is hard work, that much I guarantee) in order to really commit a chunk of my time to a new release.

The last time this happened was earlier this year, when I booked a long weekend to sink into Mass Effect 2. For the record, I put in 44 hours over a 72 hour period. I am cool.

But I don’t see anything coming up, or recently released, that’s going to really demand I take time out of real life to put into it. Fallout: New Vegas is a good contender, but I’m happy to just play it over evenings and weekends – I feel no draw to take time off for its benefit.

What about you? Do you often, or ever, take time off from whatever you normally do just to play a single game? Have you called in sick so you can blitz a new release*?  Have you set aside a week to really crack a game that’s proven hard to do so far?

I can’t think of any other form of entertainment along these lines that does this to people. I don’t know of anyone who booked holiday time to read a book, or see a film. Obviously the time it takes to play a massive game is substantial, but surely I’d know of an odd half-day taken here and there to listen to an album, or… umm… I’ve run out of examples.

You get the point.

*Alien Trilogy. PSone. Game arrives in the post, I suddenly become ‘ill’ and can’t go to school. That was a good day.

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  • Pionir

    I have a week booked off at the beginning of November for when GT5 comes out.

    Oh no wait…

  • Aron Baker

    So so many times. Final Fantasy XIII was the most recent. Although I’m tempted to have a few days off for GT5 in a couple of weeks.

    It’s also amazing how quickly ‘flu’ or similar comes on whenever a new Final Fantasy game is released. As a married father, I don’t get the chance to play for hours over the evenings/weekends anymore.

  • KeeperOfTheWord

    Summer holidays, 2001. My daily routine as follows:

    12pm – Wake up, grab coco pops, bring back to bed.

    12.10pm – Roll up duvet to form ULTIMATE GAMING CUSHION. Marvel at work and turn on PS and play Final Fantasy VIII.

    6.30pm – Evacuate bladder for the first time, even though I’ve needed to since 1pm. Inhale dinner to fit in more gaming.

    6.45pm – Return to ridiculously hot PS and unpause FFVIII. Continue playing. Avoid urinating wherever possible for the foreseeable future.

    3am – Turn off PS to avoid it melting. Go to bed “So that I’m well rested to save the world”.


    298 hours I spent on that game. It was a magical summer.

  • David

    I’ve never needed to take time off. I tend to play for 45 mins before needing to do something else for a bit and it’s easy to fit a 45 minute window in an evening.

  • I did also take a day off for getting an ISDN line fitted which happened to be the day Half Life came out on PC.

    The bloke finished by 9am, so after a quick trip into town to buy it I spent nearly 3 days playing it through solid.

    Very few games have had me captivated quite like that (until the stupid alien planet bit at the end).

  • Jake

    Called in sick two days in a row for Final Fantasy XIII. Totally worth it

  • Amir4317

    سلام ، کجا میتونم این فیلم رو دانلود کنم؟

  • KeeperOfTheWord

    Apparently the above statement translates to:

    “Hi, Where can I download this film?”

    Seriously, I’m not kidding… Somebody WANTS to see Mr. Bean’s Holiday…