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Studio Ghibli + PS3: Why You Should Care

Studio Ghibli + PS3: Why You Should Care

Level 5 yesterday confirmed a rumour that had been circling that its project with Studio Ghibli, originally thought to be a Nintendo DS only title, would be a franchise expanding onto PS3. Ni no Kuni is the first game to be made in direct collaboration with the Japanese animation studio and as a result it is getting a lot of attention already, but if you’re not already excited by the prospect, let us walk you through why you should care.

Ni no Kuni_041. Studio Ghibli make amazing worlds – From Spirited Away to Kiki’s Delivery Service, Hayao Miyazaki and his colleagues have been making some of the richest and completely bonkers universes you could ever wish to inhabit. And all with an ease and grace which defies belief at times. Some have called Studio Ghibli the Japanese Disney, but that’s almost disrespectful. These guys are on another level.

Ni no Kuni_052. Ghibli is Style and Substance – One look at some of the artwork from its animations (particularly Hayao Miyazaki’s work) and you can immediately see there’s something very different about Studio Ghibli movies. the painted backdrops give its animations a scope you don’t see in CGI animation and that detail carries on into the foreground. But on top of all that is the substance of strong stories with weighty themes and fantastic characters.

Ni no Kuni_033. Ni no Kuni is putting it all in your hands – The first images of Ni no Kuni make one thing very plane; this is going to be a Studio Ghibli movie that you control. Just look at those backdrops and characters. If it weren’t for the slightly harsh outlines on some of the characters we wouldn’t have been able to tell if these screens were game or cutscene. Check out the gallery below.

Now we just have to make sure it gets a UK release.

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  • Revolvre

    I love Studio Ghibli, especially its imagination. *-*

    However, I’d really like to see Gameplay videos in the future. I wonder what it’ll be like.

  • Sean

    I just read up on this in issue 195 and I have to say I am very much looking forward to playing this, although us Europeans will have to wait maybe 2 years at the most to play it on PS3 *sigh* (great ‘Play’, keep the info coming)