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Sponsored post: LG releases world’s first 34-inch UltraWide Monitor

LG – the recent winner of Best Photo Monitor category in the Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) Awards 2014 – introduces UltraWide monitor 34UM95, the world’s first 34-inch 21:9 monitor, supporting 3440 x 1440 QHD resolution. It’s every techies’ dream monitor: extremely powerful for heavy-duty work, especially so for image specialists and audio/video editors. Fully compatible with New Mac Pro®, Mac users will especially be able to reap all the benefits of its powerful CPU and graphic card.

For image specialists, it’s 34 inches of stunning UltraWide QHD (3440 x1440) resolution that allows precision graphic work with IPS display that allows unprecedented level of non-glare, visual range. For audio-visual professionals, it means a crisp, bigger and wider surface for more applications with full set of toolbars and plug-ins all on a single screen. Throw in new Mac Pro compatibility and serial Thunderbolt™ 2 technology and you get the best of all worlds.

LG UM95 image 1

Perfecting your workstation
Space comes at a premium. With its 21:9 aspect ratio and UltraWide QHD resolution, the 34UM95 is ideal for working with horizontal trackers, displaying impressively more clips and indicator than standard 16:9 monitors. The bump in resolution alone, at 3440×1440, offers 1.8 times the space of resolution 21:9 UltraWide Full HD (2560×1080) and 2.4 times that of 16:9 Full HD. For those living both PC and Mac worlds, Dual Link-up function, perfected by LG, let you hook two computers to share the monitor space of designate for the OS of your choice.

LG UM95 image 2

Serial Thunderbolt™ 2 for the dream station?
If you’ve ever complained about the Mac architecture, odds are you weren’t complaining about connection speed. From Firewire to Thunderbolt™ and now Thunderbolt™ 2, it has always been a step ahead in data transfer speeds. Connecting your new powerful New Mac Pro to the UltraWide QHD resolution monitor and its Thunderbolt™ 2 technology will give it the fastest cable-based connectivity speed currently on the market. 20 Gbps means business, as this is four-times faster speed than one provided by USB 3.0 (ideally a Thunderbolt2-compatible device such as the PROMISE Pegasus2 will help you reap its full benefit). With the 34UM95, importing heavy load of video or image files from your data storage is no longer lost part of your day.

LG UM95 image 3

Setting a new standard for color value
The 34UM95 expresses over 99 percent of the sRGB color space on an extended, high-resolution workspace. LG’s own True Color Finder software and built-in scaler keeps things consistent from corner to corner, across all of your images. With this kind of consistent color fidelity, it’ll be your primary monitor before you know it. What’s more, LG designed the monitor to exceed the requirements of graphics and entertainment professionals in the accuracy of the colors displayed.

LG UM95 image 4

The best resolution, 4-screen split, flicker-free, and dual link-up – the list goes on.
The 34UM95 was built with heavy PC & Mac users in mind. In other words, work efficiency was designed in from day one.

The 34 inch display offers enough space to end the turf wars between programs, tools and folders. The customisable four-screen split allows the creation of a virtual workspace that neatly divides things up. 34UM95 is also designed to robustly interface more than one systems and device. Case in point – dual link-up that provide supports the outputs of two systems side-by-side, not to mention assortment of various slots that ease plugging digital equipment and devices, are some of its efficiency-driven features.

Moreover, staring at a monitor (or two) all day (and night) can really take an unseen toll on your eyes. LG’s 34UM95 QHD display has a flicker-safe function, which stops the black bars, invisible to the human eye, from flashing on the screen. Also, Reader Mode automatically modifies harmful blue lights into softer tones so that looking at screens is no more tiring than reading a book.

Workspace? Check. Speed? Check. At the end of the day, everyone wants a way to get more work done—faster, and more efficiently – LG provides that solution with the 34UM95. You don’t have to dream about the next big thing. It’s already here.

LG UM95 image 5

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