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Sora from Kingdom Hearts: Anatomy Of

Sora from Kingdom Hearts: Anatomy Of

With the news that Kingdom Hearts III is finally on the way and the success of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix, the crossover RPG series is back in a big way. Sure, we all know who Mickey, Donald and Goofy are, but who exactly is main character Sora?


Sora begins Kingdom Hearts as a young boy living on Destiny Island with his best friends Riku and Kairi. The three plan to leave their home and explore the great unknown, but an attack from dark beings known as Heartless splits up the trio. Sora drifts to a place called Traverse Town where he learns the mythical Keyblade has chosen him to eliminate the Heartless.


Shortly afterwards Sora meets Donald Duck and Goofy, on their own search for the missing “King Mickey.” The three become firm friends and begin travelling across worlds in their Gummi Ship… yeah, it only gets stranger from here. Each world is that of a Disney movie, with characters from both Disney and Square popping up all over the place. Ever wondered who would win in a fight between Cloud Strife and the Little Mermaid?


Sora manages to stop the Heartless and rescue Kairi, but Riku and Mickey remain lost after a climactic battle that sees Sora briefly turned into a Heartless himself. The three friends vow to continue searching, with the story taking place in Kingdom Hearts II as well as what seems like a million spin-offs, all with silly names like 358/2 Days (we didn’t make that up.)


Kingdom Hearts 1.5 collected two of these spinoffs as well as the first game, and 2.5 is set to contain everything else so far. The stage will soon be set for Kingdom Hearts 3 – almost a decade in the making. Sora, Riku, Donald, Goofy and Micky are all set to return, and we’d bet some other familiar faces show up too. Yes, it all sounds daft, but millions of fans can’t be wrong – right?


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