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Sony E3 No Shows (And When To Expect Them)

Sony E3 No Shows (And When To Expect Them)

While we seemed to get a fair amount from Sony over the course of E3 there were still plenty of people who felt like they wanted more. That’s no great surprise. It’s much the same impulse as makes people order the 16oz Steak and then insists on eating the ‘ice cream mountain of death’ desert (for two) on their own. Our eyes are too big for our bellies as my mum would probably say.

Anyway, using the amazing powers of foresight and just knowing this industry pretty well we thought we would take a look at some of these supposed no shows and offer our take on when you should be expecting them.


1. PSP 2 – As tricky propositions go this is the trickiest. We were not convinced it would be at E3 this year, but given Nintendo’s unveiling of the 3DS we would imagine Sony is going to be desperate to announce a new PSP as soon as physically possible. The big questions are is it in a fit state to show and does it have enough features to really stand apart from the current crop of competitors? If the answers to these questions are positive then the Tokyo Games Show (TGS) seems the most likely being Sony’s home turf and most fertile PSP market. However, Sony revealed the PS3 Slim at Gamescom last year, so maybe it would like to jump the gun this August in Germany.

LastGuardian_022. The Last Guardian – As far as we know Team Ico is so deeply entrenched in development on this one that its chances of being shown at E3 were virtually nil. In all honesty it was pretty early days for the game when the first trailer was revealed last year. It is however moving on nicely, but we would think a TGS showing is a strong possibility with a release in 2011, which is looking like a very strong year for PS3 releases.

SOTC3. Team Ico Collection – Shadow Of The Colossus and Ico on Blu-ray? We all want it and Sony hasn’t ignored our pleas. This one seems absolutely certain to be in the works, but that doesn’t mean it should have been shown at E3. Sony wanted attention on Sly Cooper, Killzone and MotorStorm this E3, not on Team Ico. However, a few months down the line at say Gamescom or TGS and the time may well be right to reveal it finally. Again we may have to wait until 2011 though.

Uncharted34. Uncharted 3 – Really, who was expecting this? That seemed like a pretty long shot to us regardless of how successful Drake was last year. That said a teaser trailer at Gamescom wouldn’t surprise us, but we don’t expect anything on the next adventure until next year at the earliest. Again, Sony wants us focusing on inFamous 2, Killzone 3, MotorStorm and Twisted Metal.

FFversusXIII5. Final Fantasy Versus XIII – This was actually a big surprise to us. We fully expected to hear more about this second PS3 exclusive Final Fantasy title at E3, but it was nowhere to be seen. That it didn’t appear adds weight to speculation that it’s very far behind in development, but then again maybe Square Enix is just waiting for TGS, keeping a strong game for its home turf.

Starhawk6. Starhawk – Yeah, we expected this one too, but again we have to put this down to it not being a high priority game stacked up against all the 3D and Move content Sony wanted to talk about. In actual fact Starhawk is the kind of game that will just get announced on a Wednesday, about 3:30pm via press release. You don’t need E3 for this.

Resistance37. Resistance 3 – Another one that since it was revealed by that in-movie advertising board we’ve been expecting, but with Insomniac working on something multiformat and Sony pushing another Killzone out you have to wonder where Resistance fits into the bigger plan. Is there room for another sequel in this series right now? We don’t think so and even Gamescom may be too early for it.

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  • emir

    Resistance 3? Every single man who have finished single player in Resistance 2 will ask this question: wtf?! Is this the end? What happened to Hale? If he opens his eyes in a scary-movie music and enviroment I won’t be surprised

  • Dave Moore

    i agree with the above-for people like me who have played both ps3 games and the psp one it would be nice to get a conclusion to the story.
    i was surprissed by a no show for the psp 2 though.

  • lDEFYl

    yea…there were A LOT of games missing, very unexciting

  • Lummy

    Yeah, was kinda hoping to see FF Versus XIII at E3.
    Shame on you, Nomura. -disappointed face-