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Six Star Wars games rejected by George Lucas


According to an interview in GamePro, early ideas for what was to become The Force Unleashed centred around a Wookiee. This Wookiee would run around an open world, throwing the heads of AT-ST walkers at Stormtroopers. Frankly, it sounds like one of the greatest ideas of all time. Still, it was rejected by George Lucas. With that in mind, we’ve ransacked our own minds for other ideas that the Lucaster would likely reject.

Star Wars: The Horse Unleashed – Based on the niche G1 Jockey series, this was rejected on the grounds that it was merely a stupid pun and would bring nothing of worth to the gaming medium as a whole.

Star Wars: Sim Jabba The Hutt – Rejected because, unfortunately, the buying public isn’t into the whole notion of playing a game where all you do is slither around as a giant slug, eating weird frog things and laughing at scruffy-looking smugglers.

Star Wars: Spaceballs Edition – Rejected on the grounds that George Lucas doesn’t know how to do comedy, and so knew he wouldn’t be able to do this version justice. Or something.

Star Wars: Grand Theft Starfighter – Rejected not for being a shameless rip-off, but because no one could figure out how exactly you were meant to space-jack a Star Destroyer. Ah, logistics.

Star Wars International Face-puncher: Jar Jar Binks Edition – This game, controlled with Move, would involve punching Jar Jar Binks in the face until he stopped saying “mesa” and other such idiotic nonsense. Rejected on the grounds that no one would ever play anything ever again, and so it would ruin the entire video games economy.

Star Wars: Jedi Knight sequel – *sob*

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    “Rejected on the grounds that Lucas doesn’t know how to do comedy”

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