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Shenmue 3 and 4 Other PS4 Sequels We Want To See

Shenmue 3 and 4 Other PS4 Sequels We Want To See

Yes, we know it’s never going to happen, but we don’t care. Here are five games we want desperately to see on the PS4:


DID WE MENTION WE WANT SHENMUE 3? We’ll keep dreaming… and one day… maybe… okay, fine. We know Shenmue 3 is never going to happen, especially with recent rumours that Sega have lost the rights to the franchise through lack of use. It’s a real shame that Shenmue 2 ended on such a cliffhanger. Ryo’s fate seems destined to never be revealed…


Another game we would really like please Mr. Kojima, if you ever get done with that whole Metal Gear Solid thing. We love Zone Of The Enders, the second one in particular, which was an outstanding mecha combat game that flew sadly under the rader. After the ZoE HD Collection didn’t perform well, apparently another sequel isn’t likely – a shame.


Controversial opinion time: Ape Escape is our favourite platformer series of all time. Yep, we like it more than Crash, Mario, Meat Boy and the rest. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen a proper entry in the series since Ape Escape 3 way back on the PS2. Sure, we’ve had numerous party game spin-offs, but they just aren’t the same, man. Make it happen, Sony.


We enjoyed DmC, but it seems that plenty of people didn’t and as such, we don’t expect a return to the new Dante. What we would love is a new entry in the original series, playing once more as classic, white-haired prankster and all-round radical dude old-school Dante. He’s one of the best characters in gaming, and we don’t think we’ve seen the end of him just yet. A Vergil return would score bonus points.


This one is (thankfully) quite likely, considering how successful the series has been so far. Imagining a Borderlands game with the power of PS4 behind is enough to make us all excited, and the knowledge that it will probably be a real thing in our near futures is even better. The only potential downside is the amount of time we would lose… which would be considerable…


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