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Sackboy comes to ModNation: who else should follow him?


As posted on the PlayStation Blog, we have some new additions to the ModNation fraternity in the shape of LittleBigPlanet’s Sackboy, Uncharted’s Nathan Drake, God of War’s Kratos and Ratchet and Clank’s… Ratchet and Clank. Now call us masterminds, psychics, or even ‘people with a bit of common sense’ if you will, but we did actually predict these additions to the roster a while ago. But who else should be included on the upcoming create-and-kart-’em-up? LIST TIME:

Maximo – from the game of the same name, and for two reasons. One, Gav suggested him. Two, he already looks like he’d fit in the game.

Solid/Naked Snake – obviously.

Barry Burton – Resident Evil’s finest character would make an ideal big-headed kart maestro. We have no basis in logic for this decision: he’s just Barry. Barry is great.

One of the colossi – from Shadow of the Colossus, naturally, and it would have to be a full-size representation. Just for the hell of it. They’d probably handle like Donkey Kong Jr from the original Mario Kart: crap acceleration and dodgy handling, but incredible top speeds.

Optimus Prime – though what he would drive we have no idea. What do you mean he’s a man-bot and a truck?!

Niko Bellic – special power is to steal the karts of other Mods, rather obviously.

The Play team – though, to be fair, it’s pretty easy for us to make ourselves in the game. Our super-secret-super-special power would have to be WINNING EVERY TIME. Or something less arrogant, maybe.

Anyway, check out the video here and try not to get as excited as we are. Your review will be with you in issue 192, out May 13.

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