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Resident Evil 6: Will It Fail?

Resident Evil 6: Will It Fail?


Resident Evil is changing. We all know that. Gone are the days of the counting your bullets as you creep around a silly old mansion via awkward camera angles. In truth, they’ve been gone for ages, since RE 4 changed the game back in 2005.


We accept this. It’s fine. Games change. We’re not about to start moaning about it not being ‘Resident Evil’. But we’re still a little worried about Resident Evil 6, because it might be trying to cram too much in.


Breaking down the game into three parts, each with a different focus, sounds like a great idea in theory: you’ve got the kind-of old-school style in Leon’s campaign, Chris’s campaign is an action-packed follow on to Resi 5, and Jake’s campaign? Er, also action-packed. Hmm.


What we’re saying is: we’re concerned about whether they’re going to blend into one big action-fest, and if so, why three separate campaigns instead of three different storylines that merge in one campaign? Will Capcom potentially run out of ideas?


We hope not, but the E3 demos all seemed to veer, in one way or another, to MEGA-ACTION UNCHARTED STUFF. Which doesn’t really correlate with what’s being said about ‘different campaigns’ and stuff like that. We hope then, that if the action becomes samey that the storylines will be the differentiator, just like in RE2.



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  • brad

    residemt evil 6 ill not fail the last resident evil orc was good but the could of infroved the game but that was a side game but re6 will be awsome

  • RavenWolfx

    i hope resident evil 6 succeeds, but i have to say re5 was lacking. and resident evil op raccoon city had entertainment value but overall it was not a good game.

    @brad: … proof read, please.

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  • Femto

    Obviously, the game will not fail in the sales department; that’s all that really matters anyways, right?


    You’re not allowed to critique the writing of others when your own is just as egregious.

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