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Resident Evil 6 Review In Progress

Resident Evil 6 Review In Progress

Hey guys and girls. Welcome to our Resident Evil 6 review-in-progress blog post!

Which is done in response to a certain-other-website-that-shall-not-be-named doing a ‘Borderlands 2 Review In Progress’ blog post, in which we learn guns are the primary loot you find (oh?), there are RPG elements (oh!) and bullets are painful when they land (ouch!).

All brilliant stuff! It’s definitely in the top 7,000 most insightful blog posts we’ve read this year. Very useful if you’ve never played a videogame before and what’s a videogame why is it called videogame anyway I don’t see any videos etc

We’re jealous of the clicks they’re getting just because of an SEO friendly title with rubbish content. If anyone can do rubbish content, god dammit, it’s us. So here’s our Resident Evil 6 review in progress!

Day One

My name is Ryan and I’m addicted to crisps.

So much so that when I went to Tesco at lunchtime and I saw there was a special offer on 10 multipacks of McCoys, I had to buy them all! Carrying them back to the office took ages though. I kept dropping them. Our office is at the top of a big hill and sometimes when I dropped one of the multipacks it would start sliding down the hill, so I had to drop all the crisps and run after them all, then all the other crisps would slide down as well. Then I’d end up back when I started and I’d be out of breath! It was so frustrating! I’d never get started on Resident Evil 6 at this rate!

Some people offered to help but I know they just wanted to steal my crisps so I told them to go away and leave me alone. By the time I got back to the office it was closed because it was past 9pm so I sat down on the step and ate all the crisps until the next morning. I gave the security guard the prawn cocktail crisps because I don’t like those ones, yuck.

Day Two

Finally started Resident Evil 6. It has zombies in! When they get too close they will try and bite you, so you have to shoot them before they get too close. This is exciting! Didn’t get to play much today because I spent most of the day in the toilet because of indigestion. I wonder what caused it 🙁

Decided the review score is somewhere between 0 and 329%. I will narrow it down as the week progresses.

Day Three

[under embargo]

Day Four

[under embargo]

Day Five

[under embargo]

Day Six

Oh hey Ian showed me this funny video today it has nothing to do with Resident Evil 6 but I thought I’d share it with you


Anyway back to the game

[under embargo]

Day Seven

[under embargo]

Day Eight

Completed it!

Look out for our full review on September 25th when the new issue of Play hits the shelves!

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