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Red Dead Redemption 2: 5 Things It Could Well Be

Red Dead Redemption 2: 5 Things It Could Well Be

Rockstar San Diego is hiring for new staff, some to work on an ‘open-world project’. What could this mean from the studio that has brought us Midnight Club and Red Dead Redemption?

Well it could mean a new entry to the street racing series, as it has always had delusions of being an open-world racer. In the good way, we hasten to add. But we’re going to put our dainty little bonnet firmly on the fence post marked ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’, because we’re wacky like that.

But what could a RDR sequel entail? Here’s a few suggestions we definitely haven’t just hastily thought up in the last few minutes:

Red Dead Revolution
Why not, eh? Set following the last game, Revolution would show an America building itself to be the leading industrial nation in the world – some form of industrial revolution, you could say if you’re being like that – and have… a man… shooting things. On a horse. But this time around, cars you can drive.

Red Dead Redemptioner
A similar sequel to Homefront 2: Homefronter, it would be a direct follow-up to RDR and carry on the story of Jack. With him following the path of his father – something papa Marston tried to avoid – there is surely a lot of redemption to be sought for John’s son. Something like that.

Red Dead Or Alive
Team Ninja helped out with Everybody’s Golf on Vita, apparently, so there’s no reason the team can’t help out with RDR2. Flawless logic, you’ll agree. More fistfights, more ridiculous characters and more large breasts – just in an open, wild west setting. Sounds perfect.

Red Dead Dead Red
Either a result of the person in charge of naming games for Rockstar having a brain malfunction or the company’s decision to hire David Pleat as creative consultant, RDDR would be a lot redder than the last game.

Red Dead 3: Medal Of Hono[u]r 2
A tie-in with Team Ninja is one thing, but a tie-in with EALA would be much better for the sequel. With Medal Of Honor 2 all but guaranteed to be revealed in the next month or two, would it be so surprising to see if actually piggybacking on the success of Rockstar San Diego’s success? Yes, actually, it would.

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  • BillyBatts

    Red Dead Island! Imagine, zombies in the cowboy universe of Red Dead, with… oh wait…

  • Conor

    I’d love too see either a prequel about John’s time in Dutch’s gang or go back to the civil war time with different characters and story.

  • shaun

    civil wartime america sounds like a great idea,