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Question: Is Red Dead Redemption Grand Theft Auto with horses?

Question: Is Red Dead Redemption Grand Theft Auto with horses?


The easiest way to describe Red Dead Redemption is ‘GTA with horses’ or ‘GTA in the wild west’ but is that the most accurate way of looking at it? We’ve decided to tackle this question in the most scientific way we know how – breaking it down into five parts and writing a little bit about each. You’ll find the shocking conclusion to this investigation at the bottom of this story…

Marston vs Bellic

Marston might be from a very different time and place to Niko Bellic, but there are definite similarities in their characters. Both are men with dark, violent pasts who claim they want nothing more than to put all that behind them, but keep getting dragged back into it by everyone else.

Old West vs Liberty City

For obvious reasons, Red Dead’s game world might not be as densely packed with detail as Liberty City, but there’s still a lot going on. Various animals roam the wilderness, including people of course, some of whom may require you to complete an on-the-spot mission for them.

Horses vs Cars

One of the main things that makes Red Dead different to GTA is that it features little in the way of either grand theft or automobiles. There are a few cars in, but you’ll mostly be travelling on your own horse, which can be summoned to your side almost anywhere on the map.

Redemption vs Crime

Where Bellic most definitely gets drawn into the world of crime, Marston is an ex-bandit who can, for the most part, avoid breaking the law. That’s partly because the law in the Old West is fuzzy to say the least (he does get involved in some ‘dodgy’ stuff), but also because he isn’t necessarily a criminal any more.

Shoot-outs & Chases vs Shoot-outs & Chases

Both games feature a lot of shoot-outs and chases, make no mistake, but these elements arguably sit more naturally in Red Dead. Both look and feel exactly like the action scenes from classic westerns. We especially love it when you shoot a man on a speeding horse and he gets dragged along behind it.

Answer: A bit.

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