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PSP Power Sale: What To Buy

PSP Power Sale: What To Buy

This is probably the last-gasp push for PSP in Europe, with Sony releasing the newer, slimmer (fatter), lighter (heavier), cheaper (cheaper) model for all of us who haven’t yet bought one. Following the new hardware revision is a big-ass sale with lots of great games in it for you all to download and enjoy on the cheap.

But what to buy for the newcomer, or the lapsed PSP fan, or the person who has a PSP and knows what to buy but feels like reading a list instead of following their own knowledge (self-confidence issues are sexy)? Well here’s a list:

BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Portable (£9.99)
Best 2D fighter on PSP by a fair whack? Why yes, yes it is. Also you get the super-fun-time when you talk about it out loud of confusing its pronunciation. We say ‘bla-zeeeeeeeee-blor-g’, if that’s any help.

Sid Meier’s Pirates! (£3.99)
You might overlook this as looking weird and shit. You’d be wrong to do so – it’s a classic title, updated really nicely and it’s four quid, for eff’s sake. Open-world piratey roaming fun, well worth your time and effort.

Half Minute Hero (£8.99)
Lasts more than half a minute, fortunately, and is really quite nifty. Even niftier than the remade Xbox Live Arcade version, some would say. Like us. Because we’re “bias” like that. It’s biased, by the way, we’re just being hilarious and lampooning the internet.

The GTA games (£6.29 each)
All three of them are brilliant. Chinatown Wars is the best, but the other two get a bad rap from idiots who claim they’re not good enough, or not made for handhelds properly or something. They’re great, and people should shut up.

Z.H.P (£15.99)
Zettai Hero Project: Unlosing Ranger vs Darkdeath Evilman, to give it its full title. Now, I haven’t played this more than a couple of hours, but it’s clearly a really good game and exactly the kind of thing everyone in the world will ignore until about five years have passed, then everyone on the future-internet will congregate together and talk about how great it was and how they all played it. The future-liars. See: Gitaroo Man, Ico, SOTC, MGS3 etc etc.

Me And My Katamari (£7.99)
You need a Katamari game on handheld, just in case life has suddenly pissed you off. Guaranteed cheer-up, right there.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (£3.99)
Wean yourself onto the heroin of the gaming world that is Monster Hunter for just shy of four quid. It’s a bit Marmite as a game, but for this price it’s worth a try. First one’s free, and all that.

Power Stone Collection (£3.99)
Though if you own a PSP and don’t already own this, I hate you.

Capcom Classics Reloaded (£3.99)
Why bother buying the multitude of remakes and re-releases that are thrust onto PS3 via PSN when you can get most of them here, for four quid? WHY INDEED.

Capcom Classics Remixed (£3.99)
And the rest of them here? WHY INDEED INDEED.

Tekken 6 (£7.99)
Arguably the best fighting game on the handheld, though it does still have Azazel on it, and he’s an absolute tossrag of epic proportions and I hope he dies forever and he gives me nightmares and oh my I’ve got a headache.

Disgaea Infinite (£7.99)
Hahahahaha, eight quid for something that can last you the rest of your life. This sale is taking the piss.

That’s a really damn fine sale, actually, and I’d be buying all of these if I didn’t already own them. Hi, I’m a PSP fanboy. Buy Everybody’s Golf 2 and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker too, while you’re at it.

And if you’re wondering the significance of this article’s image: if you don’t listen to our advice, Steven Seagal will come round and cock-punch you. YES EVEN IF YOU’RE A GIRL.

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