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PSone/PSN Games To Buy: Future Cop: LAPD

PSone/PSN Games To Buy: Future Cop: LAPD

PSone games on PSN: there’s plenty of them, but there’s never enough. We’re always hearing people complaining (and, admittedly, complaining ourselves) that there isn’t this one or that one – though really, where is Silent Bomber?

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything worth playing there right now. In fact, there’s plenty on PSN that is absolutely worth playing – games that are interesting, hold up well and offer something a bit different to the cookie-cutter nonsense of nowadays*.

Take, for example, Future Cop: LAPD. We gave it about 95% in a much earlier issue of Play, because it was excellent at the time. And you know what? It holds up. It’s aged – the 3D is lacking in detail, levels can be a bit confusing and other modern conveniences like clear signposting and knowing what the hell is going on don’t make an appearance.

But it’s still fast, smooth and – most importantly – a lot of fun to play. Originally intended to be a new entry in the Strike series (Desert, Jungle, Urban, Soviet, Nuclear), it was instead developed into a standalone project. You can still taste the Strike influence though; it’s just more focused and level-based than that series was.

So take this as a recommendation: if you’re looking for a PSone game to pick up on PSN, you could do a lot worse than Future Cop: LAPD. For a handful of pounds it still manages to provide more than enough entertainment and for a game that is literally** ten thousand years old it holds up well.

And now I want to go play it.

*That’s not to say there wasn’t a lot of cookie-cutter nonsense back in the day. But you get the point.

**Not literally.

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  • James H

    A brilliant game – I had the original on the PSone and got it again as soon as it came out on PSN and have really enjoyed it all over again. The “arena mode” (for want of a better phrase) against the computer was also good fun and added a lot of replayability.