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PSN updates vacate Thursday slot: we suggest replacement ideas


It’s the end of an era: Sony have announced that the weekly Thursday updates of PSN will be no more as of the end of April. Instead, the new content days will be moved to Tuesdays in the US and Wednesdays in Europe and the UK. We are sad – it means there is no longer anything to look forward to on a Thursday. But rather than dwell on the sad, sad news (which has left us, quite clearly, devastated), we have come up with a few suggestions as to what Sony could do with Thursdays instead – so we still have something to look forward to.

Firmware Thursdays: because we all love the random splattering of firmware spread through the year, but wouldn’t it be more fun to have a regular, weekly update? They can fix one thing at a time, once per week, just so we become accustomed to the annoyance that is being forced to update. It just makes sense.

Breakdown Thursdays: Just like the famed ApocalyPS3, each Thursday could be used to recreate these conditions. Why? Well, as above, getting people used to the issue will mean they no longer fear it and are no longer bothered by it when the next ‘proper’ breakdown comes about. It just makes sense.

Free pie Thursdays: Self-explanatory, really. It just makes sense.

Feedback Thursdays: Thursday could be a day entirely dedicated to Sony listening intently to your feedback – more than they already do. This would mean you could let them know all of your wants, needs and hopes for PSN, PS3 and the world in general. You could also request more free pie. It just makes sense.

Go outside Thursdays: We hate to suggest it, but to be fair it is getting nicer outside. Why not leave the house on a Thursday, instead of – like we used to – sitting inside waiting intently for the PSN update to go live? It just makes sense.

That’s it for the Thursday-based Manifesto, and remember: if it doesn’t just make sense, it isn’t a part of the Manifesto. And remember: we’re always open to your suggestions for what the Manifesto should include. Vote Play.

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  • All of the options – they just make sense 😉