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PSN needs a Pulse to survive

PSN needs a Pulse to survive


If you are anything like me, you will have an American PSN account to compliment your European one. It allows you to download the few demos that come out over there before here, buy downloadable content (so long as you purchase the US payment cards from other sources) and it lets you download trailers and other video clips. One of these video clips, released once a fortnight, is called Pulse. It’s free, roughly five minutes long and acts as little more than an advertorial for all things PSN and PlayStation.

And I love it.

Every other week I download this thing, and every other week I watch it. I have no idea why, but for some reason I choose to invite advertising into my home. It may be my brain harking back to the days when getting to see early game footage was difficult (no internet, didn’t work on a games mag), or it may just be that the bright, shininess of it confuses my senses enough to placate me for five minutes – which is always welcome.

Whatever it is, it’s clear that the UK and European PSN needs something similar for the masses to coo at. Yes, there’s that service offered by that other company, but that costs money – and who’s willing to risk any money at all if they’re not sure how good something is? We’re not. Give us a five minute advertorial to make us feel more like we’re being looked after over here.

Xbox gets it with their Inside Xbox coverage (and many other things) and it’s an element of the European PSN that is woefully under-developed. Never mind the fact we have to wait forever for PSOne games, demos and other downloads to make their way over here – the fact that the service is hardly used as it should be on these shores is disappointing at best.

But when all is said and done, I clearly watch Pulse regularly for one very good reason: the lovely Christina Lee. A UK version of Pulse simply wouldn’t work without an equivalent of her.

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  • hollywooda

    On xbox Live you get OXM reports, Sent u a message & IGN Tips, but that’s why we don’t mind paying for our service, with the PSN being free all your gonna get is the raw bones & that’s why it feel soulless…

  • cj12297

    the tester was really good as well and i was just thinking that we need some good stuff on psn.

    also hollywooda why do you come onto playstation websites just to talk about xbox.

  • david

    furthermore hollywooda those features run on xbox silver accounts so they’re free anyway. also the only advantages of gold over psn really are slightly more realiable servers since everything else like facebook etc. are only once in awhile features.