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PS4’s Hardest Trophies

Trophies have really come into their own since the PS4 brought with it the rarity tracking mechanic and gave skilled gamers even more to brag about. Some, though, are obvious much tougher than others to unlock – here are six of the hardest that will elude all but the most skilled (and, in NBA’s case, richest) players.

Injustice: Gods Among Us on PS4

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Ultimate Battler (Gold, 0.1%)
This one’s for finishing all 20 types of Battle Mode. These start off pretty simple but quickly become stupidly hard, to the point where the last one is even titled ‘Impossible!’. It isn’t actually impossible, of course but it may as well be. Attempt to defeat the entire cast of Injustice with a single health meter? Nope. Not even going to try. The rest of Injustice’s list is no cakewalk, either – three stars in all of the STAR Lab Missions will take ages, since many of them are borderline broken.

NBA 2K14 on PS4

NBA 2K14

Collect ’Em All (Bronze, 0.1%)
Somebody’s finally gone and got the Platinum (we’re trying to track them down to find out how long it took/how much they spent) but this is just one of 2K14’s handful of insane Trophies. It’s ridiculous – you have to collect every single current season NBA player card in the MyTEAM mode (there’s another Trophy for getting all the classic players as well), and these are dished out stingily and entirely at random. And you can’t trade with other players. You could, of course, always buy them with real money, though. Welcome to 2014, baby.

Zen Pinball 2 on PS4

Zen Pinball 2

Power Of A God (Silver, 0.1%)
The Infinity Gauntlet table is a tricky beast at the best of times, with all kinds of crazy gimmicks mixing things up every time you try to claim an Infinity Gem. Just getting one is tricky enough but for this Trophy, you’ll need to collect all of them. And then defeat Thanos in the final super-tough mode. Ouch. Get some practice in on the easier tables to work on your flipper skills, then read through the entire table notes in the menus as well so you know exactly how and where to trigger the special modes on this confusing table.

Super Motherload on PS4

Super Motherload

Cheat Death (Gold, 1.4%)
Complete the game on Hardcore mode? That doesn’t sound too bad… until you realise the horrible new stipulations Hardcore mode puts in place. Run out of fuel and you die instantly, which is the end of your game. Back to the start with you, once you’ve had a bit of a cry. You’ll need to be able to do a clean run of the regular difficulty and make clever use of the available resources in order to stand a chance here really – same with any hardcore mode like this though, really. Kudos if you’ve learned the game well enough to pick this one up.

Killzone Shadow Fall on PS4

Killzone: Shadow Fall

Outgunned (Silver, 1.1%)
Adrenaline packs don’t have to be used when near death, you know – they can be used whenever you like to give you a slow-motion buzz. We’ve missed out on this at five Helghast several times, and finding another area to try for it again can be pretty annoying. Still, it’s always good to see a Trophy that rewards skill as well as finding the right part of the game to abuse. Killing six of the buggers within that short space of time – and doing it with headshots, no less – is far from the easiest of tasks unless your skills are particularly mad.

Don't Starve on PS4

Don’t Starve

The Silent (Bronze, 0.1%)
Unlocking characters in Klei’s survival game is usually a case of just playing a bunch and staying alive as long as you can. But for the final two characters, things are switched up. Both Wes and Maxwell are unlocked through the Adventure mode, Maxwell for finishing all four stages (another 0.1% Trophy, unsurprisingly) and Wes by being lucky enough to find him – and tough enough to free him – in the third stage. Good luck…


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