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PS4 VR: 4 Games We Can’t Wait To Play

PS4 VR: 4 Games We Can’t Wait To Play

With the reveal of Sony’s new Project Morpheus virtual reality headset, we’ve gotten to thinking about which games we’d most like to experience in VR. Here are four that we can’t wait to try with the only VR headset endorsed by Laurence Fishburne himself (that isn’t true.)


Yeah, we love Dark Souls. Surprise. One of the best things about the Souls series is the harsh, unrelenting world, a sense of loneliness and despair unlike that of any other game. Sure, it sounds horrible, but that’s what makes it so great. Imagine how much worse/better it would be with a VR headset on, exploring a desolate, violent world that wants you dead, feeling like you are truly there. What can we say, we are masochists.


The upcoming space exploration game from Hello Games has captured the attention and imagination of gamers worldwide, with the promises of a procedurally generated universe full of planets, galaxies and space stations to explore. It’s a life we’d love to live, and VR is the closest we’ll probably come in our lifetime. Can’t wait.


Coming back to the whole masochist thing, we love a good scare. Alien: Isolation is shaping up to be the Alien game we’ve always wanted, a terrifying survival horror where your only option is to hide and escape rather than take the Alien on face-to-face. Experiencing such a scary scenario with a VR headset on will probably be too much for a lot of people, but we welcome it. BRING IT ON.


MMOs are addictive and immersive enough as it is. Using a VR headset might be a step too far, and there’s a very real danger of us never leaving the house again. Remember the World Of Warcraft episode of South Park? Yeah, that could be us if VR MMOs become a thing. We want it… but we don’t… but we do…


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