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PS3 Games Nobody Bought

PS3 Games Nobody Bought


Resistance 3

The only good Resistance game is the one that didn’t sell as well as the others. The first two games had a great setting yet were mired in poor storytelling and iffy gameplay decisions. R3 fixed all of this and was rewarded by not selling very well at all. Cheers!


EA Sports MMA

The best MMA game ever: even UFC 3, with its extended development time, couldn’t beat it. A modified version of the Fight Night engine powered some of the most brutal and realistic videogame combat ever. Then it disappeared without trace.


Valkyria Chronicles

Sega’s gorgeous RPG deserved far better than to sell five copies, most of them to the dev team’s mothers. A sequel was still commissioned but ended up on PSP.



Shinji Mikami’s frantic, brilliant shooter scored extremely well upon release, but sadly its commercial reception wasn’t in step with the critical. You can buy this now for about minus six quid, so do it.



So much hype, so much promise, so little sales. Enslaved was an absorbing experience with great graphics (both technically and in terms of art design), so to see it not sell as well as it could was a real shame.


DJ Hero 2

One of PS3’s best rhythm action games sadly arrived at a time when the bubble had burst, resulting in poor sales and, along with the Rock Band 3’s similar failure, the end of the genre as a real sales force.


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  • Joey

    Brink? Released on the September 11th of PSN. I was looking forward to it but didn’t buy it. Spent my money on booze instead.

  • DO’G

    I disagree with you regarding vanquish. i thought the game ‘OK’. it was just very very pointless. You couldn’t up grade your suit weapons (yh I know you can but I wanted more customization). It was fun to play but there were times when I wonder ” why on gods green earth am i playing this”

  • I was looking forward to it .

  • Joey

    Vanquish was just great fun. I loved it and I’d buy a sequel.

  • like