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PS3 Games for Christmas

It’s Christmas soon! It’s precisely one month and two days to Christmas. I don’t say this because I doubt your ability to look at the clock on your computer and work it out for yourself but because some people thinking talking about Christmas pre-November 25th is too early. Tosh. Talking about Christmas pre-Jingle All The Way being on TV is too early, so I’m breaking one of my own rules here.

I’m sure we’ll both be able to deal with it. Just.

PlayStation Move

The obvious choice that ties in with the Christmas stereotype of families laughing and singing and smiling together. Obviously that’s not going to happen – you’ll want to play Heavy Rain, Dad will want to play Tiger Woods, Gran will fear Move as evil voodoo magic and it’s the one time of year when you’ll be too busy trying to hide in your room to partake in family activities anyway (note: this doesn’t change when you get older). Regardless, PlayStation Move. It’s the good choice as well as the obvious choice. Plus we’re not going to be fanboys and say it’s way cheaper than Kinect but we’re going to be fanboys and say it’s way cheaper than Kinect.

Gran Turismo 5

Because it’s Gran Turismo 5. There have been four of them previously. You quite liked them. It stands to reason you will quite like the fifth one too. If that’s not daring, authoritative opinion, then we don’t know what is. Stand by for the review veeery soon if you like cars and shiny things.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

“What ho, this game is not new!” you cry, your pipe clattering against your computer monitor as it flies from your mouth in disgust. Well, this isn’t about new games per se. Just ones for Christmas. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is still one of the best (if not the best) games on PlayStation3 and a quick look online shows it’s going for about £15. By ‘quick look online’, I mean by typing it into Google and looking at the first page of search results, so you might be able to find it for even cheaper than that. I think it’s what people who write Christmas lists describe as ‘the perfect stocking filler’, even though no-one uses stockings to hide presents in anymore. Or maybe they do and it’s just my Christmases that are miserable. Bah humbug.

DJ Hero 2

Everyone who plays DJ Hero 2 loves it and that’s a fact. Which is to say, I’ve never seen it fail in a party situation, when curious and slightly apprehensive questions of ‘what’s that?’ while pointing at the tacky, dusty DJ peripheral in the corner turns into giggles and screams an hour later as you watch Daft Punk get murdered on Easy.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

If all else fails – CODBLOPS! Which isn’t the advertising slogan Activision used for its FPS but hey, if they had done, they could have guaranteed themselves as least four more Christmas sales. Oh, how this will haunt them for years and years on end. Just remember it has an age rating so don’t ask your parents to get it for you if you’re under 18, otherwise the Boogie Man will snatch them away during the night or whatever happens when the age rating certificate thing is broken. Seriously. You laugh now, wait and see what happens.

Do you have any good suggestions for PS3 related games or gifts for Christmas? Post in the comments with your ideas. I’m just curious, I’m not looking to steal them.

Well, maybe I am. A bit.

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  • sean

    I would suggest Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, it’s addictive as hell :p

  • Glenn1873

    if u aint got red dead then at 20-25 its a must, if ur new to ps3 then ur lucky, uv got mirrors edge, uncharted, resistance, lbp, ac1 & 2, borderlands, god of war 3 and most importantly metal gear solid 4 for 15 quid or less, and you’ll know as soon as u buy them how much of a bargain any of them are