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PS Vita: The Games It Needs To Succeed

PS Vita: The Games It Needs To Succeed

PS Vita. It’s out. Some of you have one. I don’t, but I want one. Some of you also might want one. Some of you might not want one. Hope you enjoyed the explanation.

There are games on Vita, and games coming out. But there are some that we haven’t heard anything about, so here’s a list of some games we would like to see on the system. Not the exact game per se, but a follow-up, spin-off or whatever else.

Seeing as Vita is far more versatile than PSP, it actually makes sense to bring some of these suggestions to it. Plus I’m ill, so it’s easier to think up a list than it is get really angry about something and spout off for 500 words or so. LIST:

The Elder Scrolls

There was an Elder Scrolls game in development for PSP back in the history of the past, but it disappeared. The Elder Scrolls Travels: Oblivion, it was called. Look it up. Anyway, it would work better on Vita – twin-sticks. As long as you could save anywhere, otherwise it would be a bit of a waste.

Monster Hunter

This has already been sort of announced but not quite, but it’s inevitable. MH made the PSP a success in Japan, and Vita needs it. Needs. I don’t even like the game, I still want to see it come to the handheld.

Any OnLive/Gaikai-style tech

Wouldn’t work through 3G, true, but with the expense of Vita memory cards and the fact you can run out of space on them, this would be a great solution/secondary option. Plus it would mean more games on the system.

Lots of other stuff

Sorry, my head doesn’t work. I want to see so much on Vita it’s unreal. Including emulation of all past systems ever. ALL OF THEM.

[image from the lovely Unseen64]

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