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Post-Valentine’s Day Blues Gaming

For the single out there Valentine’s Day can suck. Now it’s out of the way though you can begin to put it behind you and remember why being a gaming loner is never actually all that lonely. There are plenty of ways to interact with people over PSN and lots of games that will welcome you into their arms. You can also consider this a “There’s no news worth talking about today so I’m going to stretch out this lovey-dovey nonsense for another day” blog.

LittleBigPlanet 2 – Millions of levels, so much creativity and a hell of a lot of love to be spread around. There are few places as happy as LittleBigPlanet and it just seems to get bigger and better everyday. Spread the love yourself by making, sharing and rating levels too and you will truly be a part of the community.

MAG – With 256 players permitted on any given server there’s no shortage of people to play with and against in a full scale MAG battle. That’s not something that comes together quite as often these days, but you should still be able to find some pretty big matches to play in and release some of that romantic frustration in a healthy way.

DC Universe Online – MMOs are of course all about having lots of people to meet and play with. It’s kind of what it’s all about. Form a team and you can develop a tight knit group superheroes and your own DC Universe family. Romance is not necessarily recommended however if you’re bothered by gender as a precursor to a relationship. The line tends to get blurred.

EyePet – There’s not a lot of multiplayer going on in EyePet, but what you do have is a little creature to shower in affection (and water). He’s much cuter than most real pets, better behaved, can drive vehicles and doesn’t crap in your shoes. Basically he’s the only relationship you’ll ever need. Or something.

And that’s all I can muster. Consider this particular topic of games blogging well and truly stretched.

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