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Portal 2: PS3 Vs Xbox 360 Screenshot Gallery

Portal 2: PS3 Vs Xbox 360 Screenshot Gallery

Gabe Newell stated at last year’s E3 that the PS3 version of Portal 2 will be “the best version, on any platform”. We find out just how true that is with this screenshot comparison…

  • There’s barely any difference.. as with most screenshot comparisons between PS3 and Xbox 360 this one compares screenshots with completely different Gamma Reference Levels. If the reference levels were set correctly on the 360 it would be darker, with more contrast just as the PS3 version looks.

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  • Scott

    Okay, so it does look slightly crisper on the PS3, but I almost prefer the shady style of the 360… but ultimately, WHO CARES – it looks fantastic on all platforms and whilst nice graphics are of course nice, it should not be an integral aspect of enjoyment of the game!

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  • Frazer

    Anti-aliasing seems much better on the PS3, making it appear crisper. Everything else seems identical for example draw distance, poly count, etc.

  • Frazer

    In fact, it looks a little like the Xbox version has been up-scaled from a lower (i.e. non 720p) resolution…

    Anyway, who knows/cares!

  • James Bond

    The textures seem a bit high in the PS3 version the aliasing is handled better, but regardless the PC version can run at full 1080 not unscaled and has MSAA antialiasing so if you want to see what the game can really do go play it on the PC

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    “but regardless the PC version can run at full 1080 not unscaled and has MSAA antialiasing so if you want to see what the game can really do go play it on the PC”

    Then go for the PS3 version, since you’ll get a Voucher for the PC version for free with it 🙂

  • NotRetarded

    Why do you idiots keep saying “who cares?”

    You clicked this link. You obviously care enough to do so. You then cared enough to comment. YOU in fact “care”! Retards.


    Gabe Newel said “The best version, on any CONSOLE” not platform!

  • Gabe Newell

    Looks like the PS3 version has higher resolution textures and much better Anti-Aliasing, they are identical otherwise (graphics)

  • mike

    guys, don’t wanna troll, but on 360, looks like the game is on 640×480, and then upscaled, textures are bluried, etc.

    even the biggest fanboy would admit ps3 version is much crispier and better than 360. just like crysis 2 (which i own, and will sell it), the ps3 version looks VGA, and 360, looks HD. with portal, we get the same difference on quality. and please, nobody say they prefer the look of the bluried/low quality textures on 360. come on. i’m a ps3 fanboy(kind of), and i recognize many multi games look simply crispier on 360, and contrast is offen better, just like crysis 2 looks like shi on ps3. what a shame, to show crysis 2 on ps3 to friends, just after they play killzone 3. how can big websites give scores like 9/10 to ps3 version, when, graphically, it deserves, well, a 5, 5.5.

    never played portal, don’t know if i would like portal 2, maybe one day, when it goes platinum, i will give it a try.

    but come on, guys, 360 lovers, please, look at those great textures on ps3, and than look at 360 version, please just admit something went wrong between valve and microsoft, and they just simply fucked up the 360 version, why?… nobody knows. i was waiting for a sub-hd version on ps3, and, as usual, great visuals on 360 version. what a big surprise. it just proves something: it’s not a matter of hardware, it’s just the developper will prefer this console over that console, and one version of the game will be great, and the other, just average.

  • nemiroff

    If you want to find the difference, why don’t you even bother calibrate your equipment. The 360 shots aren’t even gamma-corrected. How is it possible to game with a washed out image like that if you care about details in the first place..?

  • Vet

    Now I know how PS3 owners feel when most other multi platform games comes out…… 🙁

  • Joey

    Mike, there’s no noticeable difference now to be fair we don’t need to be splitting hairs.
    If Valve Do dislike Microsoft who can blame them? Microsoft are a bunch of bastards who charged for the “free” Left For Dead dlc. That’s why the PS3’s getting Steam features and not Xbox.
    I have both and i refuse to pay anything extra to Microsoft, i only have a silver account on Xbox live while I’ve spent lots of money on the PS Store. The Playstation’s simply better end of.

  • Johnny

    Martin Caine is right about the gamma. Seriously does no one know the difference the reference level setting makes on 360 visuals. And before people start going on about it being a hardline hdmi source it does’nt matter the reference level stuff is on the machine and if its not set to intermediate or extended it looks everything looks washed out ala poor resolution.

    If you don’t know about this, go to your xbox immediately and check the system settings under display, it will be like lifting cataracts of your eyes!!!!!

  • nikon133

    Actually Sony has allowed “integration” with Steam, so PS3 version of game can be played in co-op with PC gamers. Not sure how that works, but there’s some sort of bridge between PSN and Steam. PS3 gamers can use their existing Steam account (if they have it) or create a new one, and trophies/achievements are transparent for this game (will show on both Steam and PSN).

    Microsoft refused to open their Xbox Live to Steam, as a result Valve did an extra effort to make PS3 game more polished. It is also possible that game was created for PS3 and then quick-ported to X360.

    This, much as I recall, is the major reason why PS3 version was announced to be better much in advance.

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  • shivvy24

    finally a 3rd party game that looks better on the ps3 than the 360! HIGHLY UNEXPECTED and a huge slap on the face from valve to 360 fanboys ! and for the guys that said who cares, bet you are 360 fanboys lol! AND HOLY CRAP PS3 is having steam, omg thats a free copy on pc!

  • Sean

    I usually find it quite hard to distinguish between the camparisons, but there is a very noticeable difference here. Surely the 360 version can’t be that poor. Defo getting this on PS3 then :-p

  • Pete

    You’ve got to laugh.

    When Valve couldn’t be bothered with PS3, they let a seriously flawed (even by the usual muliplat standards) version of Orange box go out at the expence of thier PS3 customers.

    Now, purely because of a despute with MS over Steam, they announce way in advance that the PS3 version will be the better port, not because of hardware specific limitations, but purely down to politics.

    Much as I like Valve’s games, I’ve got to say that Gabe Newell acts like a spoilt child who couldn’t give a damn about his customers Ps3, Xbox or PC. and as such, I’ll only ever buy Valve games second hand so as I know they won’t profit directly from the sale.

  • Rob

    DivX/MEDIA – unless you enjoy popping in and out disks and have a USB device with music/movies collection PS3 SUCKS big time! PS3 users are afraid to admit it. Sony has introduced some sort of protection and you are unable to play even legitimate tracks or movies from your USB disk. XBOX would PLAY them all just FINE.

    GAMES – both are very close and both are very good in terms software although PS3 is more accurate in FPS games whereas Kinect gives more fun to play games such as sports covering full body movements without any unnecessary devices. For simulators both are close and IL2 is my best WW sim game so far (played on both).
    Hardware – more power in PS3 + Blue-ray but both have sufficient under the hood and are good unless you hit a faulty device which can happen whether it’s Sony or M$.

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